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Friday, July 23, 2010

casper 07-23-10 opinion

Did you hear about the two Christians in Pakistan accused of 'Blasphemy'? They were found innocent by the Court System with the help of the Pakistani Police which provided the proof of their innocence. So they were released from custody then murdered by the Muslims who said 'the accusation of Blasphemy is enough to condemn them'. Christians protested, their shops were burned down, more killed, the rest forced to flee the city.  
As absurd as this sounds there is not an ounce of difference between these Radical Muslim Extremist and our Domestic Liberal Extremist as described below.
But first, have you heard? The ALARM SYSTEMS were "DISABLED" on the BP/Transocean Macondo Well in the Gulf. Stop and think about that for a moment. All those lives at stake. All those Billions of dollars. All that oil, all that pressure, and the Alarm Systems were Disabled? (From Bloomberg Saturday). No explanation provided.
How about those European/Swiss Bank Stress test? Most everyone 'passes'. Then, after a week of build-up and after the fact, a tiny little runner also on Bloomberg "the stress test apply only to the Banks Trading Desks". Well hot dog and Gee Whiz.  Goldman, B.of A. and J.P. Morgan all went a full month without a single losing day on their 'Trading Desk', not at all difficult when you are Partners with the Governments 'making the markets' with their announcements. The only losers is this manipulated shell game are the small fry Investors and the public. "Stress Test"?  What a load of horse manure and outright lies.
Black Panthers swinging 'nightsticks' intimidating Black AND White voters in Philadelphia and FOX is accused of 'Racism' for reporting it. The Justice Department under Holder and Obama kills the COURTS FINDINGS, buries all of it, then when it is reported still more Domestic Radical Liberal Extremist step forward saying "Rush Limbaugh should be killed" and FOX NEWS should be shut down immediately for reporting it. As additional examples of this Radical Liberal Racism burst forth all over the Internet more Liberal Extremist sally forth saying 'it is time to control Internet Content'. And now, as 'Casper's reports that Obama has played the 'race card' at the United Nations, imploring 'Black Nations' to block our deliveries until such time as the Courts and the World give him a  'Get Out Of Jail Free Card', Casper is now a 'racist' for reporting what Obama has done. Welcome to George Orwell's '1984'. Up is down, left is right, red is green. Several 'Psychiatric Studies' by legitimate Psychiatrist have recently appeared on the net attempting to analyze the Liberal Mind, how it could possibly arrive at its understandings and conclusions. You should read them if you have the chance. It is as if, at the moment of birth, the Doctors forceps somehow grasped the infants brain and accidentally twisted it sideways. Then, realizing his mistake, he forcibly put the brain back into the infants head quickly, before anyone could see, but in his haste he accidentally got it back into place BACKWARDS.
And there you have MY analysis of the mental disabilities common to most Liberals.
                     Casper   7-23-10   opinion

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