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Thursday, July 22, 2010

(Israel controlled) U.S. Government to America’s Vets: Drop Dead - Part I of 2

Vatic Note:  When you read this, you will see what an ABOMINATION this is and what these chickenhawk, coward dual Israeli citizens (NEOCONS) who run our nation are doing to our children, the phrase used below "Die soon", is a EUGENICIST PHRASE and RAHM EMMANUALS BROTHER IS ANOTHER DUAL ISRAELI CITIZEN, our health care CZAR who not only is an avowed Eugenicist, but a believer in the cleansing genocide of undesirable races on this planet, like the goyim and others.  You have to read the entire series going up on the 12 protocols or you will not understand how this could happen.  Once you read them, you will understand perfectly what is happening and who and why.  Branding of the cattle is next, so watch for a round up of these guys eventually into camps.   We, the people should not be putting up with this at all, but then I say that every day and nothing changes.  The title is wrong,  its not the US Government.  We are an occupied country,  It should accurately and truthfully read "ISRAELI GOVERNMENT TO AMERICAN VETS:  DROP DEAD, AND HURRY UP ABOUT IT." There are 32 dual Israeli citizens running just the White House, not including who is running the Pentagon and also in congress chairing the critical committees that most affect these vets,  Leiberscum and Levins.  

U.S. Government to America’s Vets: Drop Dead

July 21, 2010 posted by Michael Leon

"Is the VA reversing its decades-old message to veterans: Die soon"

The mother of Sgt. Coleman Bean, above, testified before congress on the V.A.'s handling of suicide prevention. Star-Ledger Photo

By Richard Gale and Gary Null

This documentary and original investigative report exposes a 19 year secret US government program whose consequence resulted in the needless suffering and deaths of our brave gulf war veterans. Total dead since 1991 — over 75,000. Does anyone care? Could your father, husband, son or daughter be among those our government considers expendable?


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