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I consider myself the "black sheep" of the family. I moved away from home when I was 19 and a year ago I decided it was time I moved back home....so glad to be among family and friends. I grew up playing the piano but haven't played in years. I have always thought outside the box, wanting to move to Boquete Panama, I am a tea party participant. I am a reiki master and I have 2 good guard dogs....a dachshund and Jack Russell terrorist. I go to alternative news websites daily for news (don't trust MSM to tell the truth). Operation mockingbird is a CIA operation that began in the '40's to control the media both foreign and domestic. This is why I go to alternative news websites. For an excellent article to read on the subject I suggest http://www.prisonplanet.com/analysis_louise_01_03_03_mockingbird.html


Thursday, July 1, 2010

alcuin and flutterby 06-30-10 #2

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Vatican resists introduction of global prosperity programmes. Vatican resists introduction of new gold-backed global financial system. Vatican seeks to steal trillions of dollars earmarked for feeding the world's poor and seed-funding free energy technologies. Vatican assassination teams in Japan tasked with murdering Benjamin Fulford. Vatican in end-time, fissiparous chaos, facing exposure and establishment ruin.
On Monday 28th June 2010, talks between a representative of the White Dragon Society and two senior Vatican representatives took place. The Papal Nuncio to the United States, Archbishop Pietro Sambi (pictured on the left here), was present. He insisted that the Vatican has a right to steal trillions of dollars which does not belong to it because the survival of the church is at stake. The Vatican Banker, Daniele Del Bosco, has sequestered close to $1 trillion in gold-backed bonds. In conspiracy with the fraudulent money-laundering operation which calls itself the "Office for International Treasury Control" (OITC), Del Bosco is trying to cash-in the bonds. An Interpol investigation has established that the OITC has no mandate and no right to these funds. The funds Del Bosco has diverted are earmarked to help Portugal, Spain and Italy end their financial Eurozone crises. The $134.5 billion tranche of Kennedy bonds seized from two Japanese-connected diplomats on Wednesday 3rd June 2009, in Chiasso, Italy, are linked to these Eurozone crisis funds. AB comment: The Asian White Dragon Society has grown out of the Asian Black Dragon Society. More about the White Dragon Society here. More about the Black Dragon Society here. And more about the Vatican's assassination teams can be found here.

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