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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

alcuin and flutterby

Is the fake alien card about to be played?

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

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Is the fake alien card about to be played? Have the cabal Satanists opened a portal in the Swiss mountains to let "benevolent entities" enter the Earth plane in preparation for a world dictatorship due to start in 2013?
If so, this is a repeat of what the Nazis tried to do in the 1919-1945 period. Their Masonic controllers working from within the Swiss Grand Lodge Alpina were lefthand path adepti (Black Magic workers) who used the medieval
Star Gate Scrying Table as an operational portal between parallel universes and dimensions. This table actually works if the conjurations are performed accurately. The nature of the ultraterrestrial entities contacted depends upon the energy sigils and motivations of those involved in the magic. If the magicians are motivated by negative intent, transdimensional entities of the kind referred to in popular culture as 'Men in Black' may come through to the Earth plane.

The Black Lodge which controlled the Nazis, and which now controls the
Vatican, the House of Windsor Crown Temple in London, and the Washington DC private corporation, is the occult institution which has as its purpose the holding back of human evolution and the maintenance of a mass slave mentality. It has asserted itself in the form of fraternities such as the Vril Society, the Thule Group (Thule Society), the Ahnenerbe, and the Schwartze Orden. These are the sort of negative occult cells which have the Kissinger-Bush syndicate as minions.

The entities which are conjured into the Earth plane by negative magic can appear as "positive" angelic aliens for reasons of calculated deception. However, if asked directly whether they are "of the Light" they will never affirm this; indeed they cannot affirm this without immediately being dematerialised by the
Higher Evolution. In contradistinction, genuine angelics and positive ETs will always affirm that they are "of the Light" if asked, and are pleased to do so.

But it is much harder, now in 2010, for the Swiss Grand Lodge Alpina to bring negative entities through to assist them than it was in the Nazi era. There are two main reasons for this. First, the
Schumann resonance of the Earth is considerably higher now than it was during the Third Reich. Then it was around 7.8 hertz. Now it is over 12 hertz. Negative entities find this higher vibration constitutionally painful and depleting, and they seek to avoid it.

Second, during the Nazi era, the Masonic controllers of the Third Reich principals had easy access to a set of
fourth dimension reptilian negatives, sometimes called the Anunnaki. These entities were obliged to leave Earth in the 1990s (including the one known to church mythology as "Satan"), and they are no longer available to empower the cabal Satanists. This accounts for the cabal's current desperation, panic and hopelessness, and its destructive end-time fury.

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