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Friday, July 2, 2010

casper 07-01-10

The Auditors have corrected themselves today saying they would not touch any of the banks with a 50 foot pole.
 The packs were back in Treasury before noon but with so much other negative stuff going on WE didn't feel like addressing the issue before now.
Surely you must realize by now that WE have eyes on.
Several Countries along with certain of the Chinese planned and attempted once again to trade our funds today and intended to do so over the long weekend. Just as they had been warned in advance, all attempts were blocked.
The news WE could not report earlier but can do so now is that the 'Slush Fund Accounts' in Banks World Wide totaling in the Trillions of dollars belong to many you would recognize but most especially the CIA which 'warehouses' the Trillions in stolen funds. These accounts have been frozen throwing Obama and them into the overnight 'tizzy' which resulted in the overnight attacks on Casper, Wendy and WE for exposing same.
These 'Smokey back room' deals and ongoing attempts to steal and or trade the rightful recipients funds continue to delay deliveries which are held back again and again as the 'scam du jour' is attempted.
Those who don't know from their own independent efforts the truth of what is being reported here are grossly 'uninformed' which is the kindest word I can think up. They are simply playing, knowingly or unknowingly, 'PARAKEET' for those doing the daily sabotage. After all these years you would think they could figure things out if only by accident.
WE await further Intel,
                    casper   7-1-10---#3

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