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Friday, July 2, 2010

casper 07-02-10 update #3

Obama and Hillary say they are above the law, no one can touch them.

Their arrogance is beyond measure. Hillary says she is the President. I'm not kidding you, she has been saying it for several days.
She says Obama can't find the toilet without her direction. She has said even more than that.
A communication has occurred between the World Court and these two after which the 'old arrogance ain't what she use to be".
The DOJ lawyers are in something of a pickle also, including Holder. Word is they will be facing thousands of lawsuits individually. WE hear they have been advised of the illegality of their actions, as if DOJ Lawyers needed such advice, and that the penalty for what they have done is 20 years in prison.
The packs are being reassembled. Stand by.
casper 7-2-10 #3

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