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Monday, July 5, 2010

casper 07-05-10

Twenty six percent of the American people, says today's paper, can not name the country from which we won our Independence.
It appears the 'dumbing down' of America has been successful.

News reports say the USS Nassau with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Force aboard has arrived off the coast of Iran with all its 'tender ships' and 'amphibious assault ships', bringing to three the 'carrier groups' in the area with 10,000 combat personnel aboard. Netanyahu is scheduled to meet with Obama tomorrow assuming Obama is still in office.
Preservation of the 'status quo' at all cost has placed our country between a rock and a hard place. More Q.E. (quantitative easing/Government spending) now necessary to preclude deflation meaning more debts and deficits OR austerity leading to self perpetuating contraction, unemployment, State bankruptcies, etc., all because they would rather saddle generations of taxpayers with unpayable debt rather than see their corrupt financial institution 'handlers' fail. The new 'Financial Regulatory Overhaul' Bill is 2300 more pages of B.S. and leaves intact the Democrats age old 'piggy banks', the GSE's. Suddenly and unexpectedly the Ron Paul 'Audit the Fed' Bill is defeated in the House with Reps who helped sponsor the Bill deserting the ship at the last minute. The 'Consumer Protection Agency' placed under Fed control. What a joke. When one out of four Americans don't know from whom we won our independence what chance is there they could understand things like this or the Health Care Legislation? Apparently the Big Boys again explained 'the facts of life' to those puppet 'representatives'. In what must surely be understandable to all, the politicians would rather end unemployment benefits to those out of work rather than cut their personal pet projects such as Dodd's 54M to the Casino doing one B annually or Pelosi's 30M rat farm, two of hundreds of examples of WASTE FRAUD AND ABUSE by incompetent IDIOTS playing Santa Claus to get themselves reelected.
As private sector jobs shrink the Government is adding public sector jobs as fast as possible. Fewer of us to support more and more of them. A Marxist Policy easily recognizable and a formula for disaster unless of course you are a Marxist in which case you must be deliriously happy to see your country destroyed in this manner. I read somewhere that there are now 89,000 'public sector entities' being supported by taxpayers and growing rapidly with each new 2000+++ page bill designed to speed Obama's Government takeover of all aspects of our lives which is pure Karl Marx Communist Doctrine. Notice please the 'shovel ready projects' disappeared as soon as they got their hands on the 'must have it by dark' money which went instead to friends and allies, financial institutions and bank accounts in Europe.
Lets discuss for a moment the "Redistribution of Wealth".
There are few things greater than 'haves' helping 'have nots'. 'Faith ,Hope and Charity' says Paul in First Corinthians as do all the Holy Books of the world in one way or another. "And the greatest of these is Charity".
Taking by force from one group to give to another is not Charity, it is COMMUNISM.
It is tyranny, it is wrong, it is UnAmerican and it is OBAMA in all he thinks and does. Empowerment of the Government is the true motivation of such people. The 'charitable face' they paint on such tyranny is a fraud to cover their grab for money and power, always someone else's money.
True charity is giving because you want to give and you know it is the right thing to do. Always the most charitable people in the history of the world, the time is fast approaching when we Americans will be able to give even more.
My plan for giving (which I mentioned recently) by-passes organized charities and Obama and Gates. It distributes funds to the least among us quickly and responsibly. It can be implemented by yourself or in cooperation with those you have become especially close to and desire to have an ongoing relationship with. It can also be implemented on a massive scale possibly attracting large numbers of 'program participants' or "Donors" if you will. The plans goal is the VOLUNTARY "Redistribution of Wealth", My wealth, your wealth, the Donors wealth quickly, responsibly and inexpensively. At this time the plan exist only in my head but it will at some point be sent to Fourwinds/Humanitarian Section and to RMN. I hope you will consider it or some version/modification of it for your own use so that vast sums are not lost to 'middlemen' between you and those you wish to help. Should large numbers of program participants wish to use the larger version of the plan to give to those in need I do hope that others with more youth and energy than me will step forward to implement the plan. Security and fail safes are built into the plan. In its smaller version you can implement it yourself. It's not really some magnificent no body ever heard of it before type thing. Just a method of giving to those in need quickly, efficiently, at minimal expense and directly without the 'middle men' (organized charities) taking 50 to 80 cents of every dollar to perpetuate themselves. As for me, whether a small program of my own or as one of a much larger group my primary interest is as a "Donor". A BIG Donor.
casper 7-5-10

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