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Thursday, July 8, 2010

casper 07-08-10

After the Freedom Packs were opened at the DOJ and the contents removed and destroyed as reported last week, events then progressed as follows.
"Certain Freedom Participants" in cooperation with their Attorneys filed the Class Action Lawsuit in the World Court last Sunday, July 4th.
This lawsuit was filed on behalf of all participants in the Freedom Program and involved no other program.
It was drawn up last Friday the second of July and permission from the Court to file as a Class Action was promptly obtained.
Monday July 5th the lawsuit was also filed in the United States Supreme Court which accepted the filing. Monday afternoon the Supreme Court said they are not as well versed in International Law as the World Court, that the opening of the packs and destruction of the contents violated many laws and they asked the World Court to handle the case and included their recommendations that all charges should be brought forth.
The World Court Judges came into the U.S., adjudicated the case Monday night and their rulings were made known Tuesday.
Obama and his many Criminal Associates, having failed to blackmail the authorities, then appealed to the United Nations to reverse the Courts rulings.
The U.N. responded that the rulings can not and will not be reversed.
A total of 38 charges were filed, all were adjudicated in favor of the Plaintiffs, the Freedom Program Participants.
Included in the rulings against Obama and all others involved are verdicts for TREASON, Embezzlement, Fraud, Destruction of International Packages, etc. etc. etc...
Obama says "you can't do this I am the President". Hillary says "you can't do this I am the President". Michelle, guilty of multiple counts of Embezzlement says, "you can't do this I am the 'Co-President".  
The U.N. says all charges and rulings are legitimate and justifiable and will not be reversed.
No other Programs and no other Attorneys were involved in obtaining this successful outcome.
There are many 'high-powered' people working diligently behind the scenes, working extremely hard, to bring this to a successful conclusion for all of us not just Freedom participants.
The packs had again been moved into place for delivery yesterday only to learn that certain items were missing from the packs. That problem was corrected overnight and they are back out again for delivery today.
Their delivery (of the FREEDOM PACKS) will clear the way for the other program deliveries just as WE have been reporting to you for many years. 
                          Casper   7-8-10
p.s. Among the many well known problems in D.C. we can now observe that 'we have too many Presidents".

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