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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

casper 07-13-10

The behind the scenes 'warfare' with the DRS's (dirty rotten scoundrels) has been more intense than ever the last four days.
Every ruling coming out of the World Court and the U.N. has gone against them. They kept on filing to have the charges cancelled, reduced, the deliveries postponed for years. All were rejected.
It continues today with the Trigger Packs still in D.C. and the primary carrier, Brinks, following their orders and refusing to deliver. Much screaming has occurred saying the same things as previously reported such as Obama saying this morning that 'he would see the Program Recipients in Hell before they got one Penny".
This afternoon Hillary says she has taken over, taken charge, and says that "we are stronger than the Courts and the U.N." and she is openly laughing at them and in turn us. This morning she and Obama said "the American people so dumb they don't have the sense to come in out of the rain". They said "the people don't know what is going on and they never will because we now control the media worldwide".
The Domestic Varmits, Bush/Clinton/Obama etc. are in cahoots with many around the world including a large percentage of the Chinese we often call 'the Dragon'. As we have reported many times Obama believes himself to be a God not just a dictator. There is no difference between him and the others (Bush/Hillary/Bill) as they work together to preserve the status quo, their utterly 'Fraudulent Financial Playpen', and to stop at all cost the exposures which could put them away forever. 
What will "The World" do now?
Your guess is as good as ours.
They have made it clear now in word and deed that they believe themselves above the law, any law, even Gods laws. 
The Government/Fed Res Printing Press Partnership is the source of their power. They are again demonstrating their willingness to see our Country and even the World plunged into the dark ages rather than give up their power. Their arrogance is beyond anything you can imagine. 
Honestly friends, I don't know what will happen next. The deliveries are needed to trigger the announcements which takes down their Corporation and FFP which in turn triggers the arrest warrants they are well aware of. They can't get at the metals backed money, which dooms them in the long run, but first their existing Ponzi Monetary Scheme will destroy the economy, the country and the world. Print, print print, borow borrow borrow, tax, tax, tax, spend, spend spend and to hell with the outcome and to hell with the American people. 
They continue to control the Carriers, the method is unimportant. 
When people with such power make a conscience decision and shout it out loud "to hell with the law, to hell with the courts, to hell with the U.N., to hell with the people" then heaven help us all. One might think in times like these it would be the Military to the rescue as their oaths are to the Constitution not the Politicians. Not so, obviously. Only the 'bought and paid for' are allowed to rise to the top of the Military, the rest follow their orders. We are a Country of cowards so why should we expect anything different from them. 
                       casper   7-13-10 
p.s. News breaking while typing this says 'our side' is retrieving the packs. Hope lives.

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