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Thursday, July 15, 2010

casper 07-15-10 #1

The news reports yesterday explaining Bill Clintons presence in the White House were not the whole truth, as usual.  Remember, 'they' OWN the media.
He was in a White House meeting with Obama, Hillary and the World Court.
The Court was 'doing a deal' with Obama and the Clintons. They were agreeing to help steal our funds to use them to help Obama and Hillary repay massive sums EMBEZZLED over time from the Banks and many others foolish enough to loan them money.  FORGED DOCUMENTS were used in these transactions with Hillary admitting in yesterdays White House meeting that she has the worlds greatest FORGER on her staff. Part of 'the deal' was that Obama would not be prosecuted. These financial embezzlement scams involve Bush, Obama and Hillary since before she became Secretary of State. Those in the meetings were agreeing with each other that "the recipients DO NOT NEED the money" and 'they' must have the funds to cover all the embezzlements and repay the Banks and others. WE can only guess what motivated this latest flip-flop by the World Court Judges involved.
'They' and the Court have been informed the funds do not belong to them and they will never be able to obtain the funds under any circumstances.
The packs were in D.C. early this morning.
The General Counsel of the United Nations has ordered the packs out immediately for delivery late today. What the W.C. Judges, Hillary and Obama will do next is unknown.
Now, once again, we wait.
                       casper   7-15-10

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