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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Casper opinion 07-07-10

Killing the "Audit the Fed" Legislation was led by Obama.
In the Senate he was ably assisted by Bernie Sanders, Chris Dodd and Chuck Schumer, all Democrats although Sanders has recently put on a mask claiming 'independence'. Like the others he is an extreme left wing pawn of the Fed. In the House all except two of those dozens who 'flip-flopped' after co-sponsoring the bill were Democrats. In other words, for the benefit of the 42% or so of Americans unable to observe the obvious, OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS KILLED THE AUDIT OF THE FED LEGISLATION having previously killed the clean up of the GSE's which received hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars which they then generously shared with their "Democratic Party Benefactors and Protectors". What remains of Ron Paul's Bill is so watered down it is now meaningless.
In still another of the daily Obamanations his Justice Department refuses to prosecute Black Panthers armed with night sticks at the polling places in Philadelphia. This as his A.G., HOLDER, tries to convince the U.N. to seize our funds and give them to Obama and/or the Queen. Then they (Holder & Obama) file a lawsuit claiming the States have no right to protect their borders from a tsunami of drug and gun runners and ILLEGAL aliens. Selective law enforcement based on the obvious racism of the A.G. and the President. Their own immigration laws not enforced and voter intimidation allowed as long as the intimidators are black. Then these RACIST holler that the States and the American people are the racist. Liberalism is a Mental Disorder and the sickest of the sick are now in control of our country.
I am writing these opinion pieces more often now because I expect to stop writing altogether very soon which will no doubt make some of you very happy and allow some of you to guzzle your kool-aid in peace.  
The Obama/Biden Afgan Policy (publicly announcing withdrawal next July) is incompetence and stupidity on a grand scale.
Destroying our health care system to obtain control of the income stream in order to "Securitize" it 30 years into the future is Communism and should be treated as the Criminal Enterprise that it is. The first step is the loss of Five Hundred Billion Dollars in the Medicare Program with thousands of doctors forced to opt out leaving Seniors at the mercy of a Nationalized HealthCare System. Health Care will be rationed whether you understand that yet or not. This is the most disgraceful Legislation I have ever witnessed and half the population still has no concept of what it actually means to them.
Obama's response to the Gulf Oil Disaster is to stop unaffected drilling killing the remainder of the Gulf Coast Economy not already killed by the spill itself and causing million dollar a day drilling rigs to be moved to SOROS/Brazil.  And, immediately attempting to force thru the Illuminati Sponsored "Cap and Trade" International tax scam. And, to decline the help offered by 13 nations for two and one half months, not to mention using his EPA to block the use of proven technology to clean up the oil. Incompetence? Or part of the planned destruction of our country visible on so many fronts simultaneously?
Those with access say no Birth Certificate in Hawaii. The GLOBE, on news stands now, says Obama not born in the U.S.. Proof of Foreign Birth delivered to the World Court and the Supreme Court as reported here months ago. Does the Constitution of the United States mean nothing to you kool-aid drinkers? It certainly means nothing to him. Who do you suppose he is, really. Who do you suppose put him in office? Who do you think he works for? Why do you suppose many millions of dollars have been spent to suppress all his records on ALL fronts not just his birth certificate?  Is there anything, anything at all, capable of waking you up?
Obama has not 'accidentally' violated our most sacred laws, our founding documents. Do you think he does not know where he was born? Why do you think 'Granny' was cooped up until she died? Why do you think the Democratic Party would not, could not and did not certify him as eligible and qualified to run for the Presidency which is normal? Are you even aware of this? Do you care?
Of course none of this matters to the voter whose primary interest is sticking his straw into the 'public trough'. Obama knows this, all Marxist know this, that's why he is hell bent to make everyone dependent upon Government ASAP including adding public sector jobs as rapidly as possible. 89,000 Government Entities and increasing rapidly.
Obama is attempting to circumvent the Second amendment using the 'Treaty Process' to do so.
Obama is attempting to permanently defeat the Tenth Amendment arguing that his decisions trump States Rights.
Obama is attempting to circumvent the Fourth Amendment by passing legislation saying the Government has the right to force Citizens to purchase things, in this example-Insurance.
Yesterday it came out that Obama has instructed the Head Man at NASA, yes NASA, that his Number One Priority is to interface with the Muslim Countries and to praise their contributions to math and science. If you think I am kidding open your newspaper or turn on the news. This morning we hear NASA is searching for a really big magnifying glass.
The Queens speech to the U.N. yesterday lasted a few minutes and said nothing worth repeating. She was having a tough day and it showed in her demeanor.
                        Casper   7-8-10   opinion

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