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Sunday, July 4, 2010

DF Call excepts -- Nesara and RAP discussed

This came from that infamous GLP site but is informative.

Except from Darrell's final call 7/2/10:

Questioner: Is Nesara an act that was passed?
DF: As far as I know it was. However the details of it has been kept so secret because they would try to go in and subvert it in some fashion and there has been attempts to create their own acts of Nesara...that would make it look like it was. And so that they could do something about it. I'm going to tell you something right now. Back when they found out that Executive Order 12778 was signed by Pres. Bush Sr. and this became the authority of the farm claims nationwide ... and it started off as an executive order, and I followed this all the way through. It was published in a public federal register and it had a CFR number. All these lawful things that are supposed to happen within the executive order or any act of Congress... this executive order was lawfully completed. Now, since that was done there were 6 attempts by the succeeding presidents to stop this executive order or subvert it. I have copies of each of these attempts. Every one of them had faults in them. Every one. It was usually in the first verbage that was used when the president gave his authority.. he wouldn't list the laws or something. There was some fallacy in the whole thing that would nullify it. They knew they couldn't use it just like it was before or it would be a complete act of treason. ... But there were attempts to make it look like .. to the legal profession, that they had nullified the executive order 12778. But they were never able to it. At the same time, he was forced to sign this executive order, he also signed another one I was told by Mr. Schlesinger that nullified all past and future executive orders. So this set the record the whole slate clean from any executive order past or future from having any effect on what we are doing. So this means all laws, the cap and trade, all of those things with no legal standing whatsoever. Period.

Questioner: What peaked my curiosity is I don't know if you read the RAP documents that were available at their website. (DF - Yes I have). They almost mirror what you read on the Nesara website as far as what's gonna be taking place. (DF - Yes) that's why it peaked my curiosity that there probably was an act that they were following in the first place. (DF - that's right.) Cause if the military, presented a plan they probably presented the whole plan including Nesara.

DF: that's right. and let me tell ya. Each of these individuals were just individuals. But they were picked - hand picked for what they have the ability to do. Do you understand? So they were used to set this whole thing into motion. Now the things that happened in their individual capacities is irrelevant. And everyone should consider that. Their personalities get mixed up, their egos get mixed up, but they were all being used for their abilities to put this whole thing together and put it into action and make it complete. Ya know, that's what they needed.
Questioner: they were called forward by God.

DF: Yes they were. But there were also called together and put together by individuals in the military who needed this thing to happen.

Questioner: They needed the legitimacy.

DF: They needed an order.


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