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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Vatic Project - Daily Summary ... July 3, 2010

I. Blog: The Vatic Project
Post: First Amendment suspended in the Gulf of Mexico as spill cover-up goes Orwellian
Vatic Note: Where are those Obama supporters??? Hiding? Well they should be. Well, first the Assassination of Americans was technically made legal which we would never have tolerated under normal circumstances, but now our freedom of speech is being assaulted which the founding fathers felt was so important that they put it first in the Bill of Rights, and the second Amendment was to ENSURE THE PROTECTIONS OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT, the right to free speech. Now comes the test. Are we our ancestors children or not? Do we have courage or not? Do we have principles upon which we depend and would defend for ourselves and our progeny or not??? These are deeply relevant questions since doing nothing will result in God knows what atrocity they can think of if they see us as their property. This is the second step in that direction. Two people died this past month because of free speech they were exercising. It truly is decision time, no more denial about it. THIS IS ONE TIME AND ONE PLACE WHERE EVERYONE CAN RESIST AND DO SOMETHING. IT DOESN'T REQUIRE ANYTHING BUT COURAGE.
Link: http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/07/first-amendment-suspended-in-gulf-of.html

II. Post: Top US Spy Chief Quits After Obama Orders 2 Americans Assassinated
Vatic Note: I listened to the 7 seminars of Jerry Kane Jr, about how to deal with foreclosures that have been successfully working after people have attended his seminars about how to deal with these foreclosures in court and credit cards as well. Becuase of his record and his successes, he became a bane to the banking industry. I find it an interesting coincidence that shortly after Obama signs an EO to assassinate Americans they consider terrorists, that these two are set up at a check point, sniper fired on, they respond and then are hunted down and killed. All of it with impunity. His seminars showed a well thought out reasonable man.... not some kook or off the wall nut. He was professional and you can watch to it yourselves and see what I mean. Now the bankers (Dual Israeli citizen bankers owned by Rothschild, so he has declared war against our people and its time to fight back) do not have him to contend with anymore. Foreclosures will go forward as planned.... LAND GRAB back door way of communalizing property and doing away with ownership by the slave class. That is why they are not "SELLING" those foreclosed on properties, has anyone noticed that? They are retaining ownership without having to buy the properties at all. Because of this "assassination" legalization, its now time to seriously consider our own actions and plans to counter this legalized murder of dissidents who exercise their right to free speech. Gosh, does 1930's Germany ring a bell here? Hitler did exactly the same thing to his dissidents, either imprisonment or murder. I commend Blair for following his principles even though it cost him dearly. Good for him. He will go down in OUR CONTROLLED HISTORY as a hero. THIS COULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED HAD AN AMERICAN CITIZEN BEEN PRESIDENT INSTEAD OF A DUAL ISRAELI CITIZEN CIA/MOSSAD OPERATIVE. How very clever of the foreign occupying nation to set this up and pull it off. America is occupied and controlled by a foreign power.
Link: http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/07/top-us-spy-chief-quits-after-obama.html

III. Post: Assassinated Americans Prove the Need for Action - Part I of 12
Vatic Note: Well, this is my sixth try putting this up, so I guess they REALLY don't want this info out there, now do they??? Let keep trying. Ok, finally got it up and guess what? Just in this amount of time they gutted the video. Damn. Well read it anyway and understand this is why they do what they do, since they can count on the effects of this in our water. They do not want it taken out. It works if we don't know its there, but not if we know what is happening. We must read, study and eliminate this problem so we can reach the sheep for all that we have ahead of us since its moving into a whole other dimensional existance now. If We do nothing, we will pay for that dearly. There is going to be a whole series of "TO DO'S" about all of this, and this is the first one.
After you are done reading this, I will eventually put up how we go about stopping this in our water. So, where do we begin? First we begin by finding out why we are so lathargic and now its cost Americans their lives through murder for political reasons and no other and such murder done by the hand of the Mossad and CIA operation since even the police did not know why the road block was set up for those two who were killed and they said so in the press. Let me acknowledge right here and now, that it is possible they would still be alive if they had not tried to fight back. But they were being snipered at while simply sitting in the car, so I suspect they saw it as attempting to murder them.
link: http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/07/assassinated-americans-prove-need-for.html

IV. Post: Assassinated Americans - Part 1A of 12 - The Fluoride Game
Vatic Note: This blog is a result of two other blogs we did today, one was the assassination of two Americans, one a young boy, and the other a dissident who was conducting seminars atithesis to the banking industry and the administration chose this to be the first case of Assassinating an American LEGALLY without a trial , through his recently signed EO. The other blog was about the intentional use of Fluoride to sedate mass populations to accept all these horrors they are visiting on us as we speak, that we would otherwise never have tolerated. So our objective here is to eliminate the poisons they are feeding us so we can get back to our normal selves again and do what has to be done to overturn all of this before its too late.
Elimination of Flouride from our water, our food and our bodies, is the objective of this blog today. Its a continuation of the previous call to "ACTION" where we take back control of our lives and reach a point where we can stop these assassinations of dissidents by the occupying forces of our government and their Traitors (our elected officials) they have conjoled into cooperation. We are putting a lot of time and work into this, and we are doing so to help all of us come out of this together in one piece whole and well and actively fighting for ourselves, our children, our seniors etc, and we want and request that you tell us if this is valuable to you or not. We do not want to waste your time or ours if this is not valuable to you. We have 12 different problems we have to solve and over come before they finish what they have planned so we need to know if you want this. If you did not read it, or only partially read it and found you were not interested, then at least go to the "comments" section and tell us you did not and that will count as a vote. Thanks.
Link: http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/07/assassinated-americans-part-1a-of-12.html

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