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Friday, July 9, 2010

casper 07-09-10

Additional sabotage of the contents of the trigger packs delayed their delivery until today and its not over with yet.
The cards replacing last weeks sabotaged cards have also been compromised and sabotaged. This is true of all cards in all programs not just the Freedom Program.
This latest SCAM involves the Banks issuing the cards, personel in the U.S. Treasury Department, Merkle, Obama and the Clintons with Bundesbank in Germany especially responsible.
Do not use any of the cards you are to receive as the amounts of funds on them have been altered. 'THEY' were sucessful in altering the cards-again-but not sucessful in altering the accounts the cards represent. The cards will have to be replaced again. They will be re-issued.
Those responsible are being "picked up".
Deliveries are still scheduled today and tomorrow. This latest problem was unmasked only this morning.
This 'Intell' comes to you "from the top".
Repeat, this applies to all cards in all programs.
Additional instructions will be provided as soon as available.
                        casper   7-9-10

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