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Friday, July 9, 2010

CNN: Gulf seafood NOT tested for BP’s Corexit or any other oil spill dispersants

Vatic Note:  Keep in mind that Both CNN, Wolf Blitzer, and Sanya Gupta all work for the zionist bankers who own them all.   So, if they are saying its not been tested for Corexit,  it means they don't want you to eat fish and then to realize there is nothing left for you there and to move out so they can get your land for pennies on the dollars for their mega resorts like they are doing in Haiti and they did in Katrina.   Because we can't trust them, then maybe you can take some random fish and go hve them tested by a lab and bring a copy of the ingredient in the corexit.   Once tested and you have results, then you are making an educated guess as to whether you will eat the fish or not. 

CNN: Gulf seafood NOT tested for BP’s Corexit or any other oil spill dispersants


July 8, 2010 by Alex, The Intel Hub, and Before its News

So now we know. The Gulf of Mexico seafood being caught right now is NOT BEING TESTED for the dispersant Corexit 9500. Watch this video of Sanjay Gupta telling Wolf Blitzer on CNN that the food is being tested for Hydrocarbons but NOT FOR COREXIT 9500!!! This should be a RED ALERT event for EVERYONE in America right now; the government IS NOT TESTING SEAFOOD TO BE SOLD IN STORES FOR THE PRESENCE OF THE HIGHLY TOXIC COREXIT 9500!


As the police state atmosphere in the Gulf of Mexico continues to unfold, citizen journalists are being harrassed by law enforcement officers as the First Amerndment continues to be trampled upon with impunity. Meanwhile, the government of the United States of America through the FDA have declared the food supply “safe” while CNN has made it clear that they are not even testing the caught food for the deadly chemical Corexit 9500 which is being sprayed across the Gulf of Mexico by BP and the Coast Guard.

Matt Smith of Project Gulf Impact on Intel Hub Radio
The Intel Hub
Corexit is killing the Gulf. Free people around the world must stand up and demand that BP, Evergreen Air, and the Coast Guard STOP spraying this Neurotoxin! Please support Project Gulf Impact any way you can. Intel Hub Radio – Full Show with special guests Matt Smith and Dr Mark Sircus

Project Gulf Impact:


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