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Friday, July 9, 2010

David Icke on Alex Jones TV: Humanity’s Last Chance

Vatic Note: While I am somewhat neutral about David Icke, he is certainly good when he does his homework and I saw that when we were researching pedophilia and Satanism and high levels of government. One of the parts we did on that series, included his research and work he had put together and that took us down a rabbit hole in Britian with their royalty and elite that I had no idea existed. Well, the same is proving true with this interview of him. Its excellent and one of the best explanations for illegal immigration from third world countries that I had ever heard. After the research I also did on Bill Cooper, I am not as suspicious of David's reptoids either anymore. Need more research on that, but for now, Icke has certainly proven his abilities to grasp the very big picture and in fact, his assessment shows there is some encouraging aspects to this that may aid us in overcoming this agenda. Anyway, believe me when I say, its well worth the listen.

David Icke on Alex Jones TV: Humanity’s Last Chance
July 8, 2010

Alex talks with writer, public speaker, and former well-known BBC television sports presenter David Icke.

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