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Friday, July 9, 2010

6'4" Cop Bullies 4'11" Videographer as She Videos a BP Worker Taken Away in Ambulance

Vatic Note:  Well, this is a good example  of the better side of Fascism. BP running our government was an experiment and we passed for the bad guys, and not for the good guys.   This isn't as bad as its going to get, they apparently are just trying it on for size, now tasering an 84 year old grandmother in a wheelchair is the real side of fascism.  Good luck all those who do not want to bother stopping all this.   This poisoning is intentional and this is a crime that IS on the books.  

6'4" Cop Bullies 4'11" Videographer as She Videos a BP Worker Taken Away in Ambulance

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Thursday, July 08, 2010 5:47
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(Addition Vatic Note)  I hate to keep saying this  "PAY ATTENTION TO THE TAR BALLS ON THE BEACH".   This is not the oil blowout they say it is, its the JUSTIFICATION for killing us with the chemicals they dumped before the blow and the corexit after the blowout, totalling 1,550,000 gallons of toxic life killing chemicals.  Why? and where are those tar balls coming from???  The carefully controlled release valve BP inserted into the side of the volcano????  Just asking.    Remember that is the only place you can get tar oil.   Its also has the oil eating bacteria as well.   They are doing this to destroy the gulf on purpose and human life.  Nothing so far has disabused us of our original belief and early source delivery of inside information that this is a false flag and BP is fully under control of it.  Now, we need to prosecute and thus find out the truth by getting someone down there to verify it.


When will we decide we have had enough????

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