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Friday, July 9, 2010

[rod-class] Call This Friday Night (7.9.10) With DC Update - EPISODE 297 - AIB RADIO - 9pm EST

Other info in this email...Please read the whole thing !
We will send out another reminder on Friday, July 9...

Rod and Carl will be back from their DC trip and ready to update us !
You have been invited by Rodney Dale: [Class] to join a live Community Call this Friday Night 7.9.10 !
Please read the Big List Email info near the end of this message !
To listen via computer with no voice input...
AIB RADIO county assembly

EPISODE 297: This Fri, 7.9.10 - AIB RADIO - 9pm EST
Friday Night's Discussion - D.C. Trip and RAP Update
To participate live...
(724) 444 - 7444 Call ID: 48361

Other info in this email...Please read the whole thing !
In the meantime, visit the Rod Class Blog at http://rayservers.com/blog/rodney-class-vs-us
There are all sorts of docs within the postings that are listed in the menu on the left side of the page. Within these posts the docs are highlighted in blue text and at either the beginning of each post or at the end - sometimes, even, in the middle !
Catch up stuff...
New Rod Document 6.11.10
Judicial Notice with Issue Eleven - Gold Fringed Flag

This seems to be the final issue (but you never know !) in the Judicial Notice Series...This addresses the gold/yellow fringe issue on the flag...Here's the direct link...
Unfortunately, for those unfamiliar with Rod's docs, the link doesn't say "Judicial Notice with Issue Eleven" But, that's what it is ! This version also includes the Notice of Felony within it ! You may or may not have to include it in your filing depending on where you are in your court case !
Coast Guard Administrative Court Info
In case you don't know...Rod sent off a recent filing requesting an Administrative Hearing at the Coast Guard HQ in VA. It concerns the IRS filing originally in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia that was unlawfully moved by the DOJ to the United States District Court in DC ! You can view the Coast Guard filing and download it at:

It's a clickable link in blue text within the posting. Most docs are in blue text !
Also, see the FedEx receipts of delivery of the filing to both the Coast Guard HQ and two deliveries to Eric Holder at...
Special thanks to Ray of rayservers.com for posting Rod's "2nd Filing" into the Coast Guard Court in Virginia which is the followup from Rod Class to that venue after he filed his initial request for a hearing in early April 2010...
The 2nd Coast Guard Filing is six lines down and highlighted in blue text at the link below...
Rod's letter from and response to Capt. Trabocchi at Coast Guard HQ...and other docs...
Drivers License/Plates - Coast Guard response to Rod - Rod Ltr to Capt. Trabocchi at Coast Guard at

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