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Thursday, June 24, 2010

casper 06-23-10

Casper 6-23-10 Opinion

So McChrystal and his people refer to Biden, Holbrook, Nat'l. Security Advisor James Jones, Etc. as a Bunch of Clowns who have no idea what they are doing? Then 100% of the focus is on 'He should not have said it'.
Not one talking head or Politician addresses the real issue, 'Is What He Said True'?
The State Dept. is tying to run the war and make the men who's lives are on the line subservient to which ever whim they wake up with each day.
It is Obama, Biden and the rest who are the incompetent 'Nin-Kom-Poops', not McChrystal and his men and women.
It's the same old crap over and over again, send the 'cannon fodder' into battle then demand they send an e-mail to the White House for permission to shoot back. The MSM is the biggest disgrace of all not even questioning Why the Men in the Field feel as they do.
Now we witness the Obama administrations incompetence in Foreign Policy just as with Economic Policy, The Oil Spill, Border Policy, etc. etc. etc....
Our country would be better off with Jimmy Carter-- At least we were not worried that he was Intentionally trying to destroy the country and it's people.
casper 6-23-10 opinion

Casper 6-23-10

Now its Wednesday and things continue to change rapidly.
No more 'replacements' said the Big Cheese Dragon so he arrived himself with a couple of plane loads. That was Monday with YING and entourage arriving the day before. Ying is here to pursue the B.ofA. takeover, the big man supposedly to get 'our business' completed. Yesterday B.ofA. was crawling with auditors, especially in New York, and it was immediately obvious Trillions are missing. This morning seven trade attempts have been blocked making it obvious the BCD (big cheese dragon) was working with Ying trying to recapitalize B.A. using our packs/funds as collateral. WE observed several weeks ago that 'five in a row' China 'Replacements' in D.C. could not all go bad without the 'Boss's' knowledge. So now the Boss is here doing his own dirty work. One immediate outcome WE are hearing this morning is that their anticipated takeover of B.of A. Private Banking, as a result of these corrupt activities, will now not be allowed.
To what extent all this affects us, WE are working on it.
casper 6-23-10

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