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Friday, June 25, 2010

Majestic 12 - William Cooper - (Rothschild power) Part 2A - Bio, Rev, & Death

Vatic Note: This Biography is Part 2A1 & 2A2 will be his death. The first part (1)dealt with the Rothschilds from early days and the formation of the 13 families through present day today. It lays a foundation that at the time Wm Cooper was around and writing and researching, the average American knew nothing of these people and eventually as others came to know the truth, then the counter propoganda began by calling all those who knew the truth "conspiracy nuts" or "tin foil hat" brigade. Well, we still have many that do not see the big picture yet, but the sheep are waking up, they just don't have the entire picture together. In many cases there are factions who say, "its the israeli's", others who say "Its the catholic church", and yet others who say its the "thirteen Illuminati families", and finally those who say "Its the Rothschilds". What is ironic is, its all of them with varying agenda's and many derived from each other, such as the families derived from the Rothschilds who brought them together for this purpose in the 1700's.

Why did we include Cooper in this presentation? Becuase of all those who wrote about it, he was the one who most scared the elite because of the accuracy of his writings and speaking engagements etc. He was such a threat that they finally had him killed. Further, another reason is THE GAME IS NOT OVER YET AND BILL HAS BEEN RIGHT SO FAR, so lets see where he says this is going and what the "ENDGAME" is suppose to be so we can resist it before it happens. That is where 2 B comes in with the Majestic 12 paper that he wrote.  That is why Bill is still so very valuable now that we have taken the time to listen to him after all these years and the heavy price he paid for it. He knew they were coming after him and that is why he sent his family overseas so they could not get to them and use them against him. Anyway, enjoy the education. I did. Part 2A1 is his biography and his death (2A2). Part 2B will cover his great writing on Majestic 12 and see what we can look forward too if his predictions and information were right, then we know how it will end unless we stop it.

Majestic 12 - William Cooper - (Rothschild power) Part 2

MILTON WILLIAM COOPER,  Biography & Early Revelations (2A1)

William Cooper was reared in an Air Force family. As a child he lived in many different countries, graduating from Yamato High School in Japan. Since he has traveled through or lived in many different foreign countries Mr. Cooper has a world view much different than most Americans.

William served with the Strategic Air Command, United States Air Force. He held a secret clearance working on B-52 bombers, KC-135 refueling aircraft, and Minuteman missiles. William received his Honorable Discharge from the United States Air Force in 1965.

William joined the United States Navy fulfilling a dream previously frustrated by chronic motion sickness. He served aboard the submarine USS Tiru (SS-416), USS Tombigbee (AOG-11), Naval Support Activity Danang RVN, Naval Security and Intelligence Camp Carter RVN, Danang Harbor Patrol RVN, Dong Ha River Security Group RVN, USS Charles Berry (DE-1035), Headquarters Commander in Chief Pacific Fleet, USS Oriskany (CVA-34).

Cooper was a member of the Office of Naval Security and Intelligence serving as a Harbor and River Patrol Boat Captain at Danang and the Dong Ha River Security Group, Cua Viet, Republic of Vietnam. William Cooper was awarded several medals for his leadership and heroism during combat including two with "V" for Valor.

He served on the Intelligence Briefing Team for the Commander In Chief of the Pacific Fleet. William was the Petty Officer of the Watch and designated KL-47 SPECAT operator in the CINCPACFLT Command Center at Makalapa Hawaii. There he held a Top Secret, Q, SI, security clearance.

William Cooper achieved the rank of First Class Petty Officer, QM1, E-6 after only 8 years of Naval service, a difficult task in any branch of the United States military. William Cooper received an Honorable Discharge from the United States Navy on December 11, 1975.

William attended Long Beach City College where he picked up an Associate of Science Degree in Photography. He founded the Absolute Image Studio and Gallery of Fine Art Photography in Long Beach, California.

William held the position of Executive Director of Adelphi Business College, Pacific Coast Technical Institute, and National Technical College. Mr. Cooper was the National Marketing Coordinator for National Education and Software.

He produced several documentaries covering subjects such as the Kennedy assassination and secret black projects that have built flying disk shaped craft.

William is an internationally acclaimed radio personality broadcasting the Hour Of The Time on WBCQ worldwide short-wave 7.415 MHz from 10 PM until 11 PM Eastern Standard Time (0300 to 0400 UTC) Monday through Thursday nights.

William Cooper is the author of Behold A Pale Horse. The book has become the best selling underground book of all time. It is read and promoted by word of mouth by People of all races, religions, and nationalities.

Mr. Cooper is a world class lecturer, one of the few other than superstars, monarchs, and Popes who have appeared at Wembly in London. William Cooper has lectured for 10 years in every State.

William Cooper, Trustee, has founded for Harvest Trust, the CAJI News Service, VERITAS national full size newspaper, The Intelligence Service, Harvest Publications, and has helped over 700 low power FM affiliate stations get equipped and on the air... including the station he manages as Trustee for the Independence Foundation Trust, 101.1 FM Eagar, Arizona, broadcasting to 7,000 people.

Under his leadership Harvest Trust ventured into the publishing trade. The first book under the Harvest Trust imprint was Oklahoma City: Day One by Michele Marie Moore... the definitive classic on the Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995.

Shortly after the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building Rush Limbaugh read a White House memo on the air during his broadcast which named William Cooper, "...the most dangerous radio host in America". Mr. Cooper considers William Clinton's pronouncement the greatest compliment that he has ever received.

William Cooper's FBI file, promulgated by the investigation required by his security clearances while in military service, was one of those unlawfully in possession of the White House in what has become known as, "Filegate". Shortly after this discovery President Clinton ordered all federal agencies to begin investigation, persecution, and prosecution of Mr. Cooper to shut him up.

After years of filing FOIA requests and researching the IRS William Cooper brought suit against the IRS in Federal District Court in Phoenix Arizona to force the IRS to produce proof of jurisdiction and delegation of authority which the IRS was unable to do. To short circuit Mr. Cooper's attempt to reveal the true nature of the criminal IRS, and to carry out the orders of the White House, the agency lied to a Grand Jury, not allowing William Cooper to testify, and secured indictments against Mr. Cooper and his wife Annie. This ploy successfully stopped Mr. Cooper from continuing his suit against the criminal IRS for fear of being arrested.

In 1998 VERITAS and Harvest Publications was sold to Hallmark Creative Corporation along with the copyright and all rights to all written material produced or ever to be produced by William Cooper including Behold A Pale Horse and Oklahoma City: Day one. Hallmark Creative Corporation has contracted to insure this material is always available to the public.

William Cooper continues to champion the cause of Truth and Freedom for all Peoples of all races, religions, and places of ancestral origin. William is Native American, English, Scotch, and Irish. He lives in Arizona. Formerly with his beautiful Chinese wife Annie, daughters, Dorothy (Pooh), little Allyson and their dogs, Sugarbear, and Crusher. In March of 1999 William Sent his family out of the United States for their security. He now lives and works alone with his two dogs, one rooster, and one chicken.

Vatic Note: These revelations below are included here as part of his biography are just a few of the revelations Cooper gave us way back before most of us had any idea this was going on. They were done before 9-11 and came from his own background in intel and from other insiders he had kept contact with when he left. So these have turned out to be proven true by many who were sceptical at that time. Now its common and public knowledge. He was definitely a man ahead of his time. Frankly, I believe he was killed for information he obtained while working for the Gov as an intel man who had top secret clearance. He chose to expose it at a great risk to himself and it "appears" his Majestic 12 article maybe what got him killed since its been buried deeper than BP's lockdown on info. We will get into that one after we deal with his biography and death.

Summary of some of Coopers revelations: (VN:  They have proven to be true and now its not even questioned anymore by most.)

"...History is replete with whispers of secret societies...

The oldest is the Brotherhood of the Snake,
also called the Brotherhood
of the Dragon, and it still exists under many different names. The
Brotherhood of the Snake is devoted to guarding the 'secrets of the
ages' and the recognition of Lucifer as the one and only true God...

It's secret symbol is the all-seeing eye in the pyramid."

"...the heart of the Bilderberg Group consists of 39 total members of
the Illuminati. The three committees are made up exclusively of members
of all different secret groups that make up the Illuminati, the
FREEMASONS, the VATICAN, and the BLACK NOBILITY. This committee works
year round in offices in Switzerland.

"Cooper states that he has traced the history of the nefarious
Illuminati all the way back to the Ancient Temple of Wisdom in Cairo, long before the birth of Christ. 'The Illuminati exist today under many different names and many different occupations.' Cooper told us. 'They
practice Hegalian conflict/resolution. They appear to oppose each other
at the bottom ranks, but at the highest levels they are actually
organizing and controlling the conflict which they have created to
produce the solution that they seek.  (VN: sound familiar?)

Here is a taste of his presentations back in 1991. Its only 5 minutes,
But it will give you a sense of the professionalism of the man. After all he
did work on the inside.

"'The Illuminati are extremely powerful, very wealthy men. They believe
that they are the guardians of the secrets of the ages. They believe
that the vast majority of people would not know what to do with the
real knowledge and the real truth and the real science -- and would, in
fact, misuse them all. They further believe that everything that they
do is for the ultimate betterment and survival of humankind -- even if
it means killing two billion people to reach their goal...'"

-William Cooper
(Please watch for 2A2 about his death.  Its a long one so be sure and check in)

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