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Monday, June 14, 2010

poof report 06-13-10

Greetings and Salutations;
In 1984, right there in the windy, very important people met to begin the transfer of wealth on the planet. Foundations and ancient trusts were involved. Things that were loaded with real assets that would be able to actually do what the populace had no idea of, end poverty, hunger, and basically fix the ills of the world. Technologies would come forth off the shelves and testing that would propel this world into something that more resembles the jetsons cartoon than the flintstone's one we were given by the elite. It's like that mess in the gulf. It can and will be fixed but the results of those who will step in isn't going to be pretty for those who think that 'rule or ruin' is a good strategy. Lord have mercy on their souls. Intentional wrong doing is never greeted with sympathy
The 'elites' betters' are calling this game that has been worked on mankind to enslave them in their matrix. It's like sitting at the tables in las vegas and realizing you've been sitting in the midst of 'ringers' who are changing the complexion of the game, as you continue to see your bankroll get smaller and smaller. Someone raided the game and they didn't even make a ripple when they sat down. People think that they who are the noisiest and flashiest have the power. Yet, all they are is attention collectors. People with the real juice aren't noisy people or are they looking for attention.
People's groups and societies have been been tracked all the way back to babylon and the archives have been in safety, as folks were taking notes, all along. While people remain captivated by the media's sensationalizing everything, keen ears are picking up the cracking in the foundations of such folks. Listen carefully, someone has already said, 'check', in this global chess match. The louder the media gets, the more worried the bad guys are about exposure. They are using the '1984' approach for news releases. While fingers are being pointed at others for things they themselves are guilty of, the bad guys are diligently doing everything to be seen as 'innocent'. Their black magic rituals are having less and less impact and are starting to only fire blanks. They have all served well to show what the difference between light and dark is so, people can make informed decisions about their futures. So Bless them, and carry none of their weight for them. They will implode upon themselves just like any other idea that has collapsed when the foundation is built on shifting sand. Reagan figured it out and nearly died for trying to change it, then.
Lest you think for a moment, this is but conjecture. I challenge anyone to watch the earth quakes taking place on a daily basis and volcanoes doing their thing, all over the planet. Weather patterns are not quite the same. There is massive movement all over the planet and it's rippling thru the atmosphere, whether you watch the news, check official websites, or not. Who, over here listens to the russians but they reported this whole solar system was on the move 'somewhere' some time ago because, they could see friction on the sun's corona sphere wrapped around the solar system. We are going where ever the sun is going and whether they put that in the news makes no difference as to outcome. That's why some very intelligent people are doing what they are doing. Wise people don't worry about whether their actions are 'acceptable', they simply do what must be done and not worry about the children's derision. Would you let your 6 year older tell you how to drive? Heaven forbid!
The announcements are global, not just for the us, and they are being prepared right now, a consistent message because the whole planet is involved. Every country's leader will come forth to their people and let them know, 'time has come today'. All of them have been under the constraints the us has been under and by the same people, hello. The skid loads of frns are coming back to america, even as I type. Some by satellite others by actual freight shipments. While they dance, messages of the continuation of the fed res bank are before you, just hear these words, keep listening because it's not like it was. People think bernanke is still printing...no he's not. He said he wasn't but no one believes him and I don't blame them. The old grey mare ain't what she used to be. One more time, look in your wallet or in your change and see if you can find a bill printed in 2010. Any country that wants to do global commerce had no other choice than break with the bad guys in britain, france, germany, and the us, not withstanding. The only way to get anybody's attention out here is thru the purse. The return of jesus walking 6" off the ground wouldn't even do it, they have tv and all kinds of electronic gizmos that seem more important and captivating. Thought the Beatles didn't know what they were talking about, huh? "We're more important than jesus christ". Look around you as you drive and people are weaving all over the road with a cell phone up to their heads. Everyone on this planet regardless of religious beliefs is about to have them challenged by the facts, oh yea that's on the table too, they aren't putting up with any more wars fought in the name of God and ignorance. The vatican is already having that house rocked to it's foundations. If you tell everyone you represent for Heaven, guess what, now you'll prove it. There are no exceptions to the rule and even those mullahs know it's coming down. No more of this, my god's bigger than your god stuff. From the rothschilds on down, the message of change is clearly understood.
OK, so more funds were added to the big pool and the folks busted their tails to get that done. Meanwhile folks who had been hidden away for a long time have come out and moved into position to 'do this'. Ya want details then wait for the announcements to start and they'll keep coming until you're saturated and need time just to process. This will be shocking and weird until the grey matter calms down, still big O's will be in the middle of people's faces. Everyone will realize how small this planet really is. We can't sit in the us and pee all over everyone else on the planet like it's our god given right, time has come today, to wake up and act like we know, otherwise a cold bucket of water is going to hit us while we are being the most obtuse.
There are calls I must make before I go and I will make them. I will take whatever time is left and handle the consultations but no one who is in a position to know is giving up the moment of impact. The best I can tell any of you is, we're sitting right on the bubble and even those guys sitting in front of the big screens are waiting for the go...but they ain't moving until all is done. Donations needed and accepted at www.paypal.com account 2goforth@safe-mail.net Congrats to everyone for sticking to the 'plan' and not 'losing it' out here.
Love and Kisses,

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