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Friday, June 25, 2010

Fishermans Wife takes on BP (folks are waking up)

Vatic Note: They are waking up and there is oil in the gulf, however, the question still remains "IS IT A TIGHTLY CONTROLLED RELEASE" or is it the blow out and we still do not know that for sure, because the independant scientist who would know and could and would tell us are unable to go out and see for themselves. Now, if you read this  that we posted the other day AND THEN REMEMBER WHAT SHE SAID AS AN EXPERIENCED LIFELONG FISHERPERSON LIVING THERE WITH OIL AS A WAY OF LIFE, THAT "THERE WAS NO SHEEN ON THE OIL" then what we published could well be exactly what is going on in the gulf. Lets force the issue. BP has no authority to prevent anyone from going out to sea and finding out for themselves. Then we must prosecute once we find out. If one single person dies from the intentional poisoning of the Gulf using a million gallons of Corexit, then its murder. Corexit will kill the fish, but methane will not. Read this FROM A CHEMIST about what Methane will do in the gulf. I also find it interesting when info like this comes out, shortly thereafter something comes out that contradicts what the unknown source says.  Now they are saying its massive methane leak, where before it was a bubble that could blow and once that got debunked, they came out with this now. 

Its unfortunate that we have to rely on any bit of information we can get from sources because they have seen what the powers that be do to those who whistleblow, so they have to sneak this info out anonymously, since we cannot under any circumstances trust the oil company or our government or even universities tied into BP and the oil industry. We must be the ones who will save ourselves. This first video below is at the end of her talk, but the 2nd video below is the entire talk. I chose the first one because the echo in the room is less and she gets to the real meat of what she saw and heard, thus you can hear her better, but after you listen to that one, go to the second video below because that where she talks about what the oil looked like. She has not considered that the oil is being tightly controlled released to achieve the affect they want and also remember the 1966 Report that recommended using ecological disasters to acheive depopulation and globalization.

Fishermans Wife takes on BP (folks are waking up)

June 20, 2010

Dynamic speaker Kendra Arneson of Venice LA boondocks where they now have "bad air days," (Sounds like Corexit is working) Kendra is married to a shrimper & passionately speaks of the fishers' plight. She says," They're not cleaning it up; they're covering it up!" Sorry about too much stained-glass; I should have shown her remarkable gesticulation. Site: 1st Unitarian Universalist Church, N.O.

Here is the second video.... see if you can hear it better directly rather than doing it from the site.

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