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Sunday, June 27, 2010

EXTREME RED ALERT! Evacuation about to happen! Storms are mobilizing FEMA

Vatic Note: This is from the Snardfarker site and he quotes Wayne Madsen on this story so it sounds very credible, but you listen to it and decide. We are at the point where everyone has to discern and decide what to do. I will help anyway I can, just email me here and see what we can do to help everyone avoid the camps. Remember, BP put the corexit into the water knowing full well what it would do during hurricane/tropical storm season so this was all a set up. You comply with martial law or you die by chemical poisoning. Keep in mind while you are going through this WHO DID THIS TO YOU, and NEVER forget as justice must be demanded. Remember also, the first time we had war games like this, IN TOTAL VIOLATION OF THE POSSE COMITATUS LAW, was in Atlanta Georgia under GW Bush, so they have known about this for years. Its what the entire Katrina was all about, A WAR GAME AND THEY LEARNED FROM IT. Vatic project has been warning for two months this was going to happen and to get ready. Well, if he is correct then its coming and if he is not correct we won't know that until after the storm and after the risk you have taken. Do you have relatives living away from the area? If so see if you can go visit until the worst of it is over. Will the troops used be Canadian? and remember how long ago Bush signed the Martial law EO, and we all knew then it was coming, we just didn't know how they were going to manipulate it into happening, well, here it is finally. This is where the rubber meets the road. What about the seniors and elderly? Is the military going to just leave the useless feeders to die??? They did in New Orleans with Katrina.

EXTREME RED ALERT! Evacuation about to happen! Storms are mobilizing FEMA

MARTIAL LAW ON A REGIONAL BASIS. (they can only handle regional otherwise they will lose all attempts at control over the masses if they tried nation wide since there are too many of us. My question is all our troops are overseas, so whose troops is FEMA using?)
June 25, 2010


There is FIRE in the WATER!!!! Wake up gulf region....you are blindly going toward your own death if you do not heed these warnings! Obama wont tell you or come to your aid anymore than GW Bush didnt when Katrina hit.... this will be 1000's of times worse though! Millions will be effected and physically harmed! 

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