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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Psychological Aspects of RAP

 from  http://www.panamalaw.org/psychological_aspects_of_rap.html

Executive Summary – Rap is in action mode. This is not a RAP sanctioned document, comes from us. A word to all you doubting people. When you run around saying oh RAP will never work, Obama and the gang are too strong, etc. you are helping Obama. That is what he wants you and others to believe. This is psychological warfare. Getting people to believe they can never be removed from office is their strongest weapon. They try to control your mind and thought processes.
The truth is Obama and the gang are scared to death of “we the people”. That is why he tries to get your guns every day of the month since he took office. Lieberman tries to pass every sort of fascist type law he can draft. Wish you would realize how terrified they are of “we the people”. Say things like RAP is the best thing for Obama and the gang because it is not violent. If there was no Rap then their plight would be far worse. Rap is a “coup de grace” (sort of) for them. I would think (me talking) the Obama gang can depart and go live in exile anytime now.
In my opinion RAP would let them go in peace and be done with the scoundrels. Suggest they do that and save themselves the ordeal of trials for treason, sedition, election fraud etc. Tell them to read of the French Revolution and the guillotine. The Royals and their families were locked up in the palace where cages were built indoors. There were daily trials for months. After the trial they were led outside to the waiting guillotine. RAP is a better option. Get them afraid of their crimes, very afraid.
Don't go thinking they are unbeatable. Increase their fear level. They are idiots. Name one thing Obama ever did right? See. Idiots the lot of them. If they hooked their wagon to the cart of the not qualified President Obama then they are as dumb as he is and they will go off the cliff when Obama goes off the cliff. Stop thinking they and their kind are in office for ever. This is far from true. History reflects this. Start believing and getting others to believe their days are over. Do what they do to you, reverse the brainwashing against them. Think about what that will be like for them! Their credibility will be gone. They are more vicious than you, but not smarter. Walk tall and expect it to be over for them any day now. Tell others. Get ready for the restored republic without these idiots. Yes, Rap looks like it is going to get the job done and restore the republic.
Texas Coordinator for Rap Update – This week the Texas Rap coordinator said it looks like the Obama gang is not going to just go away. They are going to hang on hard. This I completely expected. The analogy he used was a cornered rat standing on its hind legs fighting for its life. The rat will fight with everything it has and never give up. My thought is if it sees a chance to run away and get out of the corner it will take it. Obama and the gang have not yet realized fully they are cornered. They will soon get it. Once again I give them vicious but not smart. Look at this idiotic plot with the birth certificate they tried to pull. Look at how well Bush did with his 9/11 fraud. It is just about impossible for people this stupid class of people to stay in power and ditto for the money people stupid enough to back them. Get ready to be free and tell others.
News Blackout – The government run Media has a blackout on RAP. They do not want this getting out. The orders and declarations given to the governors were just way too threatening. They are too scared. If the people get the idea that the IRS, the courts, the foreclosures, etc are operating illegally they will storm Washington DC with pitchforks like the farmers hit Dracula's castle in the movie. Blood sucking dead people is a good analogy.
When the Government and the People Fear Each Other – It is over. It cannot continue. It only works when the government fears and respects the people. The government is actually the people in a Republic. The only people who like the Obama administration are those who get a check from the government for working for a government agency, getting some sort of government support or being a government contractor. Everyone else disrespects them and wishes they were not in office. The oil spill made their plight far worse. They are at an all time weak point now. Remind the people of the damage this Kenyan caused to the environment on a global scale. Keep the pressure on. It is very likely that the oil spill was a going away present Obama gave to the USA for rejecting him. He knows it is over and his time is short. Be encouraged. The end of the evil empire is in sight.
If You Need Some Proof – Imagine what the Obama gang would do to people serving the Governors with orders, seating Grand Juries (1300 people worth approximately), putting a maritime lien on BP and the British Crown saying Obama and party have vacated their offices by doing nothing, ordering the Louisiana Governor to declare a state of Emergency and attach BP assets etc. None of RAP ever got arrested. No de facto court restraining orders against them. Mind you they are saying they have arrested the fed bonds and messed up their finances making it difficult for them to operate. They also say they have the support of the military. RAP holds conferences, does press releases, says they have support of 69 countries and are raising trillions of dollars to run the country and have recovered stolen assets that government officials took. I even heard them say they caught $100,000,000 Biden was taking. RAP is still free, all of them.
So why do you think this is? Because of the military support. Get it. Any of you seen how bad Obama, Biden, Hillary and Pelosi look these days? The other day Biden did not have all his pretty boy makeup and looked 8 years older. Obama often looks bad. Sometimes it looks like his hair is grey and then appears dyed. See how that brave Governor from Arizona is wiping her feet on the kenyan? Go Jan, go. See many states passing defiant legislation against the feds? So we see Obama shooting hoops and playing golf? He doesn't know what else to do, not so hard to understand. Remember RAP is going to go softly and quietly so the regular politically and constitutionally uninformed folks don't really know what is going on to avoid panic.
Mainstream Media - Forget the mainstream media, do not look there. They have heard about RAP and will not carry the story at all!!! RAP is an action plan answer and solutions are not what the mainstream media is about. They are all part of the government, every last one of them with no exceptions. They want you to play the Republican versus Democrat game, maybe throw in a little tea party as well. Real return to being a Republic is nothing they will every help with. They tell you problems but offer no solutions or methodologies. They want you to think it is hopeless and to know you will get the short end of the stick from the democrats or republicans and there is nothing you can do about it.
Same psychological warfare we talked about earlier. They want you to think it is hopeless and the government is there forever. They describe all the evils and problems and do not offer any advice as to how to fix things. They leave you in despair thinking it is best to obey and hope for the best. The actual talking heads are actors, that just follow orders and do what they are told. They are not the thinkers. They can waste your energy be careful of them.
Summary – Spread the word RAP is in play with the military behind it. Time is short for the de facto government and the Republic is on the way again. Tell others the change is around the corner. Don't think it is hopeless, let Obama and his gang think it is hopeless so they throw in the towel and go away. Don't help them with with talk of how futile it is to unseat them. Try talking about how good it will be without them. Be encouraged.

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