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Friday, June 18, 2010

Environmental Engineer: Dispersants Have to Stop Now

Vatic Note:  Please read what this environmental Engineer has to say which is what I have been saying all along.   BP, KNOWS exactly what that chemical does and it is killing the gulf when it did not have to do so.  Why then are they doing it? Remember, we learned that this chemical interacts with water to form a gas cloud that can travel anywhere in the US and when it rains it will kill our plants during the prime period of the growing season.  It will be too late to replant new crops and the soil will be damaged beyond repair if it comes down to earth which it will.   This engineer has been trying to get someone in government to listen to him and of course they can't hear him because they are TOO BUSY WITH LOCKING DOWN "AND CONTROLLING"  ALL INFORMATION that goes out to the public and leaving the fascist BP in charge of all things that our elected reps should be dealing with instead of private mercenary contractors. .   We must understand that means we do not really know what is going on or the impact of this on us OR THEIR INTENT given this has been known it was going to happen for sometime now.   Notice once the public on their own put out all the indicators that BP knew and had this planned in advance,  they finally came out over the past couple of days and said they knew, so they traded their stock instead of preventing the problem, IF ITS A REAL PROBLEM.   Not necessary if its not a real problem.  I said it before and I am going to keep saying it,  THIS IS CHEMICAL WARFARE AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BY OUR SWORN ENEMY.    Just try to remember who owns BP and who owns the toxic chemical company and once you see that you will understand this is a war that they are conducting against us using fear for manipulating us into compliance.  

Environmental Engineer: Dispersants Have to Stop Now

By Bill Riales Digital Journalist , Published: June 17 2010
Provided to Vatic Project by Sgt Lee of Ghost Riders, USA

Joe Taylor, an environmental engineer in Daphne, says BP's use of the dispersant Corexit is wrong, and they will kill the Gulf of Mexico. And Taylor has the scientific knowledge to back up his claim. He's been cleaning up petroleum contamination for many years.

He says the sulfur and sulfuric acid based dispersant makes the oil spewing into the gulf sink, where its impossible to clean up--and where it depletes oxygen levels under the water, killing plankton and everything above plankton in the food chain. "Corexit is toxic, petroleum is toxic, and its depleting the oxygen levels," he says.

What's worse says Taylor, is that if he knows this information, so does BP. "They have a lot of chemists who are a lot smarter than I am, and they know this," he says.

Taylor says Corexit is a very good dispersant, but its being used by BP the wrong way. He says using it on the bulk of the crude bubbling out of the gulf is not what it was meant to do. Their efforts should be letting the oil rise to the surface, then skimming and collecting as much as possible. He says the dispersant should be used on what's left.

Taylor says there are several other products that are bio-friendly and work well with bacteria that naturally eat oil. But Corexit is killing those bacteria too. He says the dispersant Biosolve is bio-friendly and could even be used on the beaches. He said it would separate the oil from the sand, then a spray of oil-eating bacteria could be laid down to ingest the solid oil that is left.

Unfortunately, like so many others, Taylor has had a hard time getting the ear of any decision makers at BP. He vows to keep trying.

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