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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vatic Project - Daily Summary ... June 12, 2010

I. Blog: The Vatic Project
Post: Is AIPAC the defacto government of our nation?
Vatic Note: You are not going to believe what I found. AIPAC is not registered as a foreign lobbyist and yet it admits its entire agenda is for a foreign nations best interests. Additionally, they wield so much power that 2 AIPAC reps caught up in a spy scandel against the USA, were allowed to go free while the AMERICAN IS SITTING IN JAIL. Whose country is this anyway, with Israeli dual citizens only constituting 2% of the US population and half of those are against Israel as a nation since it goes against the Torah. Well, look below and see why AIPAC runs AMERICA, I was shocked at what I discovered and it needs to be addressed by us in this upcoming election. Check out your reps money from AIPAC and his voting on the AIPAC appointments by Obama and see if he supported those appointments. We know who has been behind our demise as a nation, but now we know why. We did it by voting for their candidates that they control. ITS OUR TURN TO STOP IT, AND VOTE FOR ANYONE BUT THE AIPAC SUPPORTED CANDIDATE, "IF" WE HAVE ANOTHER ELECTION, at least by the ballot box, but we will definitely have another election by any means possible. Check out all those offices and go in and identify clearly who is working there and where they live. We also know that Mossad works undercover with AIPAC as we found out with Wolf Blitzer who was the AIPAC rep and mossad while in that job. Who knows if he still is now that he is anchor, with no previous experience, with CNN.
Link: http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/06/is-aipac-defacto-government-of-our.html

II. Post: Evergreen Air (CIA & mossad air) is dropping chemicals over the oil spill
Vatic Note: for those who don't know, Evergreen air was the drug running airlines used from Columbia to Miami for distribution of the drugs through out America. Here is an article by Info wars on that fact. http://www.infowars.com/evergreen-air-and-a-secret-chemtrail-facility/ actually they are the chemtrail dumping company as well as drug running. so they are going to chemtrail the oil and add what???? Some viruses or other little treasures to make us even more sick. Apparently, what they have done isn't killing us off fast enough to suit them. More chemicals because the ones already added by the Rothschild company (Nalco disbursement co. owner) didn't do the job like it was suppose to? who knows these days.
Link: http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/06/evergreen-air-cia-mossad-air-is.html

III. Post: Pentagon Manhunt-Wikileaks Founder hunted over massive leak
Vatic Note: It appears this could end up being very serious for Julian Assange since its difficult to hide from these satanists when they decide you are a threat or are going to release something they don't want released. Lets pray for him that he will be OK and survive this mess. Lets also pray that he can continue his work for the benefit of the entire globe given what he has already exposed that has contributed to our enlightenment.
link: http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/06/pentagon-manhunt-wikileaks-founder.html
IV. Post: ALERT: While we are dealing with the gulf etc, Look was was found at the Texas Mex border!!!
Vatic Note: Please see below an email I received. I have asked for a link to the source of this information, however, its apparent from the photos that this is real. Now the only question left is "when" was this found by the Border Patrol. The best way to do this is go ahead and give you what we have and then wait for additional verifiable information. MY TAKE ON THIS IS THEY WERE PLANNING ON HITTING US FROM ALL SIDES INCLUDING WITH GRANADE AND ROCKET LAUNCHERS, WHICH THEY PROBABLY GOT FROM SOUTH KOREA OR ISRAEL OR OWN MILITARY.
Did you know that back ihn 1996 the pentagon had written up a scenario for 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012? I once had the link but they gutted it because I had it out all over the damn place. LOL So this is from my memory
The 2009 scenario said that 30 million people world wide would die from a flu pandemic.... hmmmm, and why I warned everyone about the vaccine since that was the only way they could spread this pandemic.
That was exceedingly interesting. and then 2010, NOW, there would be choas and violence in the mexico, US border region that would spread nationally and thus require military action and martial law to try and bring order and stop the killing. Then 2011, it would be necesssary for REGIONAL SECURITY TO REGIONALIZE THE ENTIRE CONTINENT TO STOP THESE GANGS FROM ENTERING EVERYWHERE AND CREATING HAVOC ON THE POPULATIONS. THEN IN 2012 THE REGIONALIZATION WOULD BE FINALIZED INTO THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION, AND FINALLY UNDER CONTROL... THIS LOOKS LIKE THAT SCENARIO if it had not been caught by the border patrol. Yeah, our people and law enforcement have not sold us out. I love them
Link: http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/06/alert-while-we-are-dealing-with-gulf.html

V. Post: BBC CAUGHT censoring Bin Ladens Death: WHY? (and the "Woman who Knew Too Much")
Vatic Note: Lets not forget that Mossad and CIA murdered Benazir Bhutto who was ahead in the election for Prime Minister or President of Pakistan, I forgot which. Is this why? Watch this one.....
BBC CAUGHT censoring Bin Ladens Death: WHY?
(VN: she knew, didn't she? She knew our scummy government better than we did) So add that to her disclosure here, and you have a better picture of why she was eliminated.
Link: http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/06/bbc-caught-censoring-bin-ladens-death.html

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