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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prosperity Funds - For The Needy Applications- Your Input Requested

from nesaranews

WE now have over 1000 applicants from needy ones for assistance. The participants should have received there packets 2 weeks ago but still being delayed.

I am mad and frustrated because I cannot do anything at this time. The intel which is based on global sources are all saying it is a GO! It is out of my hand until the packets arrive.

I AM PERSONALLY WORRIED that I may overlook someone who is in Dire Straits and need funds now because of foreclosure, no job, medical or whatever.  

If you are really hurting now and need help now --- please send me an email (john.machaffie@gmail.com) with the subject line DIRE STRAITS. This is to ensure you will be distributed funds first and avoid getting lost in the numbers!

As stated before the 1st Group being sent inquiry notifications will consist of the NEEDY ONES especially the DIRE STRAITS above and those who have showed there support.

Again, I am frustrated as everyone else if not more so. I am also unemployed, unemployment benefits has prematurely ended (FL state out of money) and our home is in foreclosure. I share your grief and concern!

GOD Bless You And Yours,

GOD Bless America Again,

John MacHaffie

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