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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Restore America Plan – Restore the World Plan – New Details from TX

Restore America Plan – Restore the World Plan – New Details from TX

Dave Mack
Date: Tue, Jun 22, 2010   
Subject: Restore America Plan – Restore the World Plan - New Details from TX
Last night I listened to –
Dave Mack (Texas coordinator – RAP)
6.21. Talkshoe call (Dallas Debt Discussion) -
 he didn’t arrive till 2 hrs into the call.
He was on a conference call concerning the Restore America Plan.
(Which is now the Restore the World Plan)
I am taking a guess as to why the “4th of July is going to be a good one”.
This statement has been said numerous times over the past few weeks.
Things said during the call, (see notes below) it was implied, at the end of June,
the Feds are going to run out of money.  
Read on from my notes as I typed when Dave was talking-
I bet you are all on the edge of your seat…
A lot going on. Don’t have much I can say about restore America, other than
Keep your eyes… I have a big smile on my face.  Smiles a good thing.
We are at the point, we are finding out who is really committed to this.
The reason is, it is taking longer than was originally announced.
I can tell anyone I talk to, the plan is moving forward and things are being accomplished.
All of the elders are fine and functioning together.
We are not where people would like us to be.
The 4th is getting kind of close and I am looking forward to a good 4th.
We have to wait a little  more, a bit more patience.
I wish I could say more things, but I can’t and I am smiling.
You need to have a keen eye and a keen ear.
I see a population reduction as to who is practicing law in the distant future.
Someone asked – How scared are TPTB?  -
They know they are in deep dodo and it is only a matter of time.
Someone asked if June checks for unemployment will start bouncing -
Dave again – long explanation -
Collateral is gone. – we the people as collateral no longer exists.
When the bonds were arrested with the letters to the governors, the Feds lost their funding.
since the Federal cash flow is diminished, their cash flow is less.
Me thinking –So, it seems we are awaiting the crisis point, tipping point, where they run out of money to fund things and it all comes crashing down.
This made Dave smiled cause someone asked, how soon do you think it will be in hitting that tipping point –
 he said soon and to keep your eyes and ears open.
And one final statement I wrote down from the discussion –
 I finally stopped listening at 11pm, the 6th time the audio/chat connection crashed on me -
People within the 3 branches of government have been helping make this happen for the past how many years.   It has been these patriots and ones in the military that have working on restoring America.  
My final thought – the evil doers are not going away easily, nor quietly.  I expect more false operations, more turmoil – could be explosions in major cities around the world and WWIII.

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