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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Casper update 06-19-10

Things change so fast friends. No sooner had today's 'opinion piece' gone out than things began to change again. The upbeat message of a general nature in that piece was based on news this morning that the packs were again on the move. Now they have arrived back in Treasury so here goes with the explanation.
Her Lady Ship the Queen arrived two days ago and immediately went into a 'knock down drag out' with Obama over BP and other matters. Those items are not germane so WE will skip them for now. She was offered a piece of B.A Private Banking which is being taken down as previously reported. She accepted and a deal was struck. While this was going on she decided that while everyone's attention was diverted she would get a trade through which was the purpose of her 'side trip' to Toronto for those of you familiar with that. She was joined in this endeavor by YING, one of the corrupt 'Dragons' discussed in so many previous updates. He was demanding a piece of B.of A. Private Banking for himself. As her Lady Ship has done so many times before she 'put on the face' that she was here to get the packs out when in fact she was engaged in this attempt to 'double-cross's the recipients. In addition to this, another ten trade attempts by others were made and blocked Thursday and Friday. Her attempt, in cahoots with YING, was thwarted just as everyone had been warned they would be no matter who instigated the attempt.
As a result of this her Lady Ship has lost not only the trade but also her negotiated interest in B.A.P.B.. YING, who was claiming he would facilitate deliveries in return for the opportunity to acquire an interest in B.A.P.B., has also been told where to shove it.
Meanwhile the packs had again gone out from Treasury after arriving there from Charlotte as previously reported. They were pulled back yesterday then went out again this morning hence the positive words in the opinion piece. They are in Treasury now, late afternoon Saturday.
The Queen herself was blocking the delivery attempts while she was secretly trying to get the trade through. Now she is super angry as the 'put-on' that she was helping to get deliveries done has been exposed showing herself to again be the two faced 'double crosser' we have reported to you so many times over the years. She, like Obama, is a first rate CON ARTIST.
Meanwhile Obama continues his barefoot tap dance on a hot plate demanding access to any and every dime that shows up anywhere, most recently the BP funds. The man is desperate.
WE can not explain how all these 'bad guys/gals' can manage to control movement of the packs. They continue to try to trade even though hundreds of attempts have been kicked back in their face. WE do know how that is stopped but can't discuss it here. The stopping of deliveries over and over again while packs are literally enroute is beyond our understanding.
WE have no doubt the packs will be retrieved again, as usual, as they are International Packs and 'they' can not refuse to hand them over on demand and have done so many times before. Getting them all the way through to us is obviously another matter which we can not explain.
The types of sabotage described above are on-going daily fare. WE report some of it and don't bother to report most of it as it amounts to wash-rinse-repeat and there is no sense discussing every attempt in detail. WE are doing so this time to call to the attention of 'interested parties' that her Lady Ship and Ying are again up to their old tricks.
More when possible.
casper 6-19-10
p.s. As I finish typing this word comes, literally simultaneously, that the packs, over the vehement objections of OBAMA, the QUEEN and YING, and again been retrieved from Treasury. Also, a news 'heads up' for both deliveries and announcements. There is more WE can't report, all in our favor. This Intell coming from sources in several countries.

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