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Monday, June 21, 2010

Poof report 06-20-10

Greetings and Salutations;

I chose this song for rather obvious reasons. Finality is upon the world
and that dream of a better world is manifesting before everyone's eyes. Oh,
it's not like everything changes right before you like someone snapped the
lights. It will take a moment, even for receivers, to wrap their head around
it. Announcements will be given to the citizens of countries, all around the
world. Those are ready and in the proper people's hands in all the
countries. The money is in everyones' country...done. The money I speak of
isn't just 'program' funds, this includes money to make the earth a glorious
planet again, paradise. Nothing happens until somebody imagines it.

I can say freely now, there was always a 'failsafe' in place, just incase
common sense failed. The losers in this shift, never had to be, they judged
themselves, by failing to grasp that a small mind will no longer suffice
anymore. Globalism took on it's own momentum and some 'unintended results'
came about. 'Be careful what you wish for, you may get it'. So, the content
of the rest of this newsletter, will be about you really thinking about what
you're going to do, when you have no money worries anymore. No reason to
check whether you 'have enough' to do this or that, since you have 'plenty'.
You can have your own 'vine and fig tree' just by deciding that's what you
want. You no longer will need to think about whether your loved ones will be
taken care of, if something happened to you. No need to consider what some
insurance company will do, they won't even be a factor in your choices.
Credit cards?....a debit card works just fine with the shift to the new
system. Borrowing, in any fashion, will have more to do with industry than
you. Most of that will have to do with 'retooling' and expanding on the tech
that's coming off the shelves right now. Moreover R&D has been already been
done than one might imagine, so we aren't talking about things taking place
years from now to actualize. Sentient computers aren't a dream. They are
'managing' the shift over. If you dropped free energy on the masses, all at
once, you'd create a problem for the employees of power companies. This is
why they were aimed at the alternative energy outputs first. Taking energy
directly out of the atmosphere has been known since tesla's time, the
problem was the 'profit' part. That's why JP Morgan went with edison...oil,
coal, and gas. The truth is tho, it was 'known' way before western
civilization got going.

All these things that have been known for ages and put on ice, until these
goons got done throwing crap against the wall to see if it would stick, is
what comes forward now. Each of us, with resources to do what we want have
to consider how we fit in with a new world. While the media and the talking
heads have people tripping on things of the past, the brave new world dawns.
We must consider how we move forward from lack to having plenty...plenty
enough that being broke isn't even a consideration. The excuses of lack are
being wiped out of the equation for daily existence. Impossible, they told
us. How many people realize, 'you will work by the sweat of your brow' is a
curse, and curses can be broken? No matter hard they've pounded into
everyone's head since birth, they work for the man, that paradigm is being
blown apart. That's like telling people the world is flat...hello. That's
like the folks in texas trying to get rid of thomas jefferson and carrie
nation, trying to rewrite history just because you don't like somebody. Grow
up! When the rest of this stuff drops on the public, they will find that
jefferson 'saw' the new world was coming. It's called 'common sense'. Ah, it
really comes down to people's 'control issues'..'everyone having the same
ability as I do', how unnerving for a control freak. Christians main problem
is living the word of the master. Stop for a second, read the 'red words'
only, never mind paul, peter, anyone else. The words of the master are
simple, it's the 'church' that got in the way of the clarity. 'What he meant
was....', oh shut up!

I had an encounter with a pastor in a kentucky church many years ago. He
was just abeatin' on that bible, exhorting me to get saved. I let him roll
for a moment before I raised my voice and told him to stop beating on that
book. I asked, what church jesus was coming to when he came back, he told
me, 'right here'. I said, you got a problem, that church right across the
street said he's coming there. I see some flaws in your philosophy, perhaps
it's as simple as going to your own closet like the master said, to find out
what's true. Ah, but that takes preachers, priests, popes, et al, out of
power. If your watching the news right now, you'll find that things are not
going so well for the vatican and they are the one's who promoted being the
reps of the divine on the planet...hello. The truth will be known to the
masses about everything and I'll tell you, butts are apuckering right now,
as all of them know the game has been raided. Even fulford nailed some facts
that have been going on behind the curtain, not being disclosed to the
public. The queen is coming off that britain throne...that's a bet. She's
paying rent right now and the proper bloodline is primping. Imagine how long
those folks have been waiting for the 'right thing' to happen. Mind you,
historically this is further back than the 'war of the roses' , the
plantagenets and the 'bastard son' who was put on the throne, Charles.

Since these newsletters started, I've been hinting at things to come. Well,
they arrive now. The bad guys fought and whether they can accept it or not,
they've been defeated. You borrowed but did not repay. You didn't even come
up with a plan that included the planetary masses, just yourselves. Who told
you, you could run this planet? How did you figure you could turn this
planet into looking like 'mad max' world and your betters would allow it?
How does bankruptcy feel, after having having trillions removed from you?
Ouch, on that whole bribe thing. So much for paraguay, think they don't know
how and what is going on? Dudes, let me clue you in, 'everybody has been
clued in'. It's the future for God's sake! Your plan sucked for everybody,
except you and yours. My cat wouldn't even live in your world. Next time you
get invited to a dinner, you better be great full. Look it up in a websters,
'inscrutable'. How could a child be ahead of it's parents in practical

I will do my part, I will help where I can. New techs are afoot and we're
leaving the flintstones behind and we're going jetsons. The gulf will be
cleaned up, no r&d necessary. Matter of fact, clean fresh water will be
available to everyone..but think carefully about where you are planting your
digs. Make sure you are backed up from the beaches, there will be waves.
Gotta burn the weeds off before the green grass grows. We americans want
everything yesterday, the problem is, you need ALL the information before
making moves, and the 'parents' aren't putting up with anymore 'wild cat'
operations. You either know what your doing or you're guessing. School's

I'm going to shut up now, time has come. Reread if necessary. What I am
presenting to you sounds like fantasy, yes, I know. Truth however, rips
apart 'established' facts. As one wise person said once, 'facts are but
accepted opinions which are subject to change'. This planet is going to
'paradise', watch this happen, right before your very eyes. Someone said to
me many years ago, 'this isn't about what you know, this is about the people
and what they choose'. Choose wisely, it's in your heart. You can't move
forward, while you keep looking backwards. Let loose the past from you now,
so you can step into the future without tripping over something. I am
reaching everyone I can as fast as I can but I won't be driven crazy. Each
and everyone one must 'own this' and deal accordingly, the time is here.
I've got folks on my list I'll be reaching as fast as I can. Donations
needed and accepted at paypal.com account 2goforth@safe-mail.net
Have fun, ya'll. Boogy on...

Love and Kisses,


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