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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


A taped interview with Tim Turner was aired just now on www.wakingupinamerica.com and hear it for yourself when they post it on the website. There are now 69 Nations recognizing the restore america plan and many many many wealthy backers with gold are going to interject funding in order to make America what it should be, a republican form of government in every state. Also, a change in California Law, now has alledgedly pronounced that drivers licenses are no longer required except in the instances of commercial activity. John it's all starting to happen and I do believe we are gonna make the July 4th, celebration be the best in over 200 years. Spread the word John and check it out on the show, you don't have to believe me. 
God Bless Ya John, PEACE 

Addendum per a reader's comment

1. As a result of RAP, yesterday California announced that if you were not a commercial driver, a driver’s license is no longer required.

2. The Supreme Court announced a decision of March 31, 2010, that the United States courts MUST return to Constitutional law.

3. 69 nations now recognize our new government.

4. Funding for the new government is now in place.

5. 3 ½ metric tons of gold are in place as well as two other large caches are here for the government. (about $169 Million)

6. There is also $18 Trillion in funds available

7. The hold up has been accessing the above funds and getting them in the country. Funding will be available next week for the grand juries to use.

8. 300 persons have been hoarding gold for the past 40 years to be turned over to this new government. That has now occurred.

9. Orders have been issued to stop all repossessions.

10. Turner had no major concerns about the replacement of general McCrystal today. It has no impact on RAP.

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