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Friday, June 18, 2010

Prosperity Packages --- To all about the deliveries

This is to only summarize the Prosperity Packages Delivery Process

I know very well how anxious and frustrated with the non-delivery of these packets.
I am too if not more. I read with a broken heart all those who are in dire, dire straits right now.

Too many lies and deceptions. This has been very, very hard task for me - to ferret out the truth. And in this world - nothing is sure until it happens.

This is what I know at present and now allowed to release.

1) The official Release has been given and the Green Light has been pushed on the bankers computers. This originated in Asia which is already in the delivery process. This is a global operation starting in Asia, next is the USA and ending in Europe.

2) Deliveries were to have started last tuesday in the USA. Deliveries include the preparations and staging of the military escorts for deliveries. There WILL be an armed military escort with the delivery.

3) Negative note - I was informed over skype that poofness stated last night that the deliveries have not started yet in the USA. I have not seen the original transmission nor confirmed this yet. Poofness was one of the original intel sources a few weeks ago that gave us the 'heads up' per the deliveries. I still have a lot of respect for him.

4) Upon reading number 3 above, I called another inside intel contact late last night and he was told deliveries were scheduled tomorrow. Always "Tomorrow"  --- Frustrating!!!!!

5) Several days ago I was informed that the deliveries were to be a "Shock & Awe" operation. Goal is to have ALL the deliveries on the same day. This is were the military coordination is so important.

I am on baited breath like everyone else, and trying my best to get it done. It is extremely taxing to say the least.  If you can do it better or have a better ideal, you are welcomed to go for it!

PRAY, PRAY, PRAY is all I say now. It is in the LORD's hands now.

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