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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Restore America Plan - A Look at What RAP Faces and the Post Rap Republic Blessings

from nesaranews

Submitted by RS - Thanks

Please post this executive summary from Panama Law regarding RAP. I find it to be quite encouraging and should help ground folks for the long haul. the link is;


The text is:

A Look at What RAP Faces and the Post Rap Republic Blessings

Executive Summary – This is our writing. At times we get given information by People that are in Restore America Plan at various levels. This is based on our analysis solely.

First an Unverified History of RAP Roots? - This was taken from a post on a forum.

“Hey, the military approached Tom Schultz to reign in Obama with a plan in hand. The plan was based on a War College scenario a Lt Colonel created.

Some members of the Supreme Court validated the Plan and supported it as the one way to reoccupy the vacated seats of the Republic.

The elders went out and rallied the initial grand juries and got the documents filed with the Governors in record time.

Once the initial word came out it went viral around the world. This slowed all concerned so they could endure as they took the USA corporate system of funding down, it would not in-turn collapse the other economies.”

(My insertion) – At some point Sam Kennedy broker from Tim Turner taking numerous Grand Jury members with him and this caused delay while the grand jury members were replaced and trained. This has been done and they are seated now as I am told.

“Ongoing investigations were completed a few weeks back and the World Court and International settlements foundation issued their orders.

Finally a few weeks ago the right actors were assembled to meet and develop lawful orders for the military. The military was OBE with the Gulf situation and now have formulated plans to move forward with their portion of the plan. Execution of orders issued by the recognized constitutional government.

Pretty amazing stuff really, when you consider it will be accomplished peacefully and lawfully. You got to love them founders for including a reset button in the Declaration of Independence.

Tom Jefferson you're the man.”

The above sounds logical and quite plausible. Hopefully some higher ups in RAP will stand to correct or affirm this. We will post what they say regardless uncensored.

Rap Problems - Ok so let us look at some problems that RAP is facing. We will also look at life in the restored Republic after Rap has done its work. These are also problems that you are facing since RAP represents you and your interests. Turner and the Guardian Elders are not trying to get big salaries and ride around in Air Force One shaking down companies. This is what the de facto government does because they have removed any recourse available to the constituents from the way they operate their de facto government. Turner wants to restore the checks and balances thus making it impossible for anyone to violate rights and run amuck in government. Pure illogical behavior for a crook so lets get off the Turner is a crook or bad guy bandwagon. He is risking his life here to restore your republic, not waiting for someone else to do it. Operative word is brave. GOT IT YET!

Value of Dollar – If the military just popped up on CNN and some General or Admiral says I am now in control until we hold new elections etc. the value of the dollar would plummet. Gold would soar. Stock markets crash. Doom and gloom. Things need to be changed gently and softly. The Federal Reserve funds the market makers (specialists) in the stock market. There needs to be some dropping the fed but something has to be done to not collapse the stock markets at same time. Try to work this one out yourself ? Not so easy huh? Might take a little time huh?

Freedoms – There will need to be orderly releases from prison of those there for victimless crimes. Think  about this work. My gosh over two million in jail and probably half need to be released. Where are they going to go? What will they do? You can't just hand them bus fare and say hit the road if they have no place to go. Figure this one out. De facto courts need to be changed. Many laws would need to stricken from the books. Some would be drug laws, gun laws, tax laws, privacy laws, right to travel etc. One would be able to maintain a high degree of privacy. Banking secrecy would be restored probably with numbered accounts and gold backed currency. There is no hard backed currency in the world now. Foreign money would flow in. Police would need to work on the millions of gang members and remove them from threatening the people. The illegal aliens would need to be rounded up and removed. Crimes against persons would be dealt with in the new system in a way that puts an end to it. We do not need rapists, burglars, car jackers, armed robbers etc in the society. No one does.

Gold – There should be large gold reserves. This could back a new currency. The new currency would of course not pay interest to a central bank. People around the world would rush to convert into this new currency.

Tourism – The lines at Disney will be massive again. Getting hotels in Miami just as bad. People will flock in to see the new republic and enjoy the prosperity, freedom and safety. Many will open up bank accounts when here. They will want to see their country do what RAP did. Many will make investments in the USA. Student visa applications will be through the roof. Expatriates will return with their wealth. One could just about run around the streets singing Ding Dong the witch is dead! People will be flying American Flags, the correct ones. Proud to be American T-Shirt Sales will break records. People will travel around the world proud to be Americans again.

Funding – City, county, state and federal governments would need to be funded to continue to operate. Probably over time 80% of the federal jobs would be gone but over years. Many local government jobs would be gone but again over time. A department of Agriculture that doesn't grow anything we do not need. We do not need a Department of Education that doesn't teach anything. We do not need a Food and Drug Administration that makes no food or drugs. The Post Office now that one stays.

State Militias – The states would be raising and training militias. They would be sophisticated with aircraft, missiles, artillery, tanks, naval vessels, etc. The Federal Military would be called home. The economic wars for oil would end right away. The military would probably be downsized. The military would be for the defense of the homeland, not fighting economic wars overseas. Troops in the 80 or so countries would be called home. Boy will the military be happy, finally.

Taxes – The cuts would be breathtaking. New businesses would be starting as silly business crushing regulations get stricken from the laws. Jobs would be created fast. We'd be growing food, manufacturing, exporting the whole enchilada. Imagine see a Ford or Chevy Poster that says BUY AMERICAN. Every time you buy a US made car you supply one job for one week. Such signs used to exist and would love to see them again. American products used to be tops before Walmart came along and ran the respectable people out of business for price gouging sub standard products made in China sweat shops paying starvation wages. I have hand tools made before WWII that are still perfectly functional. Today the junky tools they sell last what a few months maybe.

Foreign Powers – The military is the biggest and best in the world. Let them figure out how much to downsize and how to allocate assets. They will get it right the first time, if you leave them alone. During WWII many people said we'd win the war faster if they bombed Washington, DC. If anyone is dumb enough to attack us then we would fight and they would be humbled if they survived. If some dictator attacks some country somewhere far away why should we spill the blood of our children for this? Treaties will need to be broken. Hopefully the UN building will be converted to condos because we would never remain in that abomination. I would like to say that if you ever visited the UN you know those condos will have great city and river views plus parking... what a deal.

Illegal Immigration – The state militias and police agencies will put a fast, full and complete end to this problem. Those the militias don't get the Sheriffs will.

Foreign Aid – This is something for the history books. Obama just gave $400,000,000 to Hamas, a terrorist organization engaged in provoking middle east wars. Absurd. Why not help our own homeless people? Answer is because he doesn't care about the little people in his own country. This sort of idiocy geared towards a world dictatorship will cease altogether.

We the People – RAP is only there for the transition. When the republics are operating correctly and constitutionally, real for the people elected representatives will tend to the task of administering the government. They will not be generating a lot of laws every session which is idiotic.They will run the republics constitutionally. All of a sudden you will see people of mixed races hanging out together and getting along. Neighbors will be back. People will say – Hi Neighbor. Doors will not have to be locked. Alarms will be a thing of past. Crime will drop probably by 98%. Streets will be safe for the elderly and young. Imagine that! The standard of living for most will go up several fold.

Medicine – Prescription drugs will be imported cheap. Alternative health care will flourish. New inventions will finally be shared. There will be alternative health care hospitals where people are treated with ozone, hydrogen peroxide, rife machines, multi wave oscillators (Tesla thing really), lasers, light waves, colloidal silver, herbs, vitamin C infusions, chiropractors, acupuncturists, doctors and more. It will be a new era without the stinking FDA. Dread diseases will be more like serious inconveniences.

GMO Food – This will soon be a history lesson topic only. Pure garbage and health destroying.

The Oppression - The oppression will lift off you so much you will find yourself standing up straighter without knowing why. Think of it as a 50 pound pack being taken off your back. No more foreclosure, bad credit reports, no work, collection agencies, IRS, etc. Perhaps 10,000 people keeping much of the world in oppression and it will be over finally. You can sit down and watch a DVD without seeing that awful FBI warning on the screen. The FBI is illegal, Posse Comitatus. No IRS. Cops won't be tasering people who ask questions. The police will be trained in protection and service with obedience to the constitution. Yes the state troopers will help you change a flat tire again. Jails will be humane and for people who did crimes against real breathing victims. You will be safe and secure in your own homes and your military will be watching over you, not the worldwide assets of the elite. People will be so pro-military in a few months it will be shockingly refreshing. People will pick up tabs in restaurants and bars for soldiers and sailors like they did in WWII. The military enlistments will soar with very qualified your men and women enrolling proud to serve the republic – the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Now a Word from the Manufacturers Handbook (The Bible)

Psalm 125: 3 - For the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous; lest the righteous put forth their hands unto iniquity.

Note: This does not say that the righteous will be immune from the rod of the wicked. We know this. It says it is not going to keep beating them forever.

14:5 - 7 The LORD hath broken the staff of the wicked, [and] the sceptre of the rulers. He who smote the people in wrath with a continual stroke, he that ruled the nations in anger, is persecuted, [and] none hindereth. The whole earth is at rest [and] is quiet: they break forth into singing.

So have faith and stop believing the reign of lawlessness will never end. You are only helping them stay in control when you believe this and speak it to each other and on forums. Have faith and let God perform the unseating of the evil rulers. It is ultimately God doing the work but try to end the unbelief. At no time in history have any of these lawless evil rulers maintained forever and the US de facto government is not going to be the first. They will come down and better sooner than later.

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