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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Casper's Opinion 06-19-10

Like 'one-a-day' vitamins every day brings another daily dose of arsenic and another absurd abomination from the Corporations Employees, AKA Senators and Congressmen and Obama Stooges. Today's example of the Politicians rape of the American People comes from that pillar of the Democratic Party and reliable pawn of the Banks, Senator Chris Dodd. From the recently passed 160M++ "Agricultural Stimulus Bill" he has assisted the Mohegan Casino in his home state of Connecticut to obtain 54M (1/3) of these funds. This Casino has annual revenue in excess of one BILLION dollars. This is how your money is being spent while you sleep. Our money and future liabilities are in the sack on their backs, they are Santa Claus.

Have you seen the pictures? Enough hand guns, rifles, machine guns, grenades, ammo and accessories buried on the Arizona Border to take on any big city Police Department in America. A huge caches. One of how many?? Have you read of this in the NWO controlled MSM? Unless Obama's Policies are stopped the Mexican Border Wars will become the U.S. Border Wars as 'regular' law enforcement will be helpless against these armaments. This is way to big to represent the 'normal' drugs/weapons trade. Why do you suppose Obama is hell bent on stopping the States from protecting their citizens with reasonable enforcement of 'on the books' immigration laws?
In another equally obvious all out effort to destroy our country from within your favorite NWO 'Community Organizer', having shut down the oil industry on the Gulf Coast causing 150,000 people to lose their jobs, plus the related business ramifications, now continues with his plans as follows; The idled drilling rigs, thirty plus as I recall, will now be moved to the oil producing areas offshore of Brazil. And who do you suppose owns a major piece of that (besides Brazils National Oil Company)? None other than Obama's Number one money man George Soros. And of course a move that big requires lots of money coming from where? The IMF (Export/Import Bank). And who 'controls' and provides most of the money to the IMF? The U.S., i.e. U.S. Taxpayers, in other words YOU dear reader. And who gets the oil to be produced by the drilling rigs idled on orders of Obama? China. The profits to Soros and Brazil, the oil to China and the people of the Gulf Coast can eat cake and drink oil. Another massive outright SCAM perpetrated against our people and designed to destroy our country from within intentionally. "For lack of knowledge my people perish". At this rate by the end of his first term there will be nothing left to save. Now if all this plus a demand for a 'Cap and Trade Taxation' vote by July 4th is not enough to wake up the kool-aid drinkers try this. Eight members of Obama's own 'Commission', set up to review all aspects of offshore drilling have now stepped forward to say the 'suspension of all drilling in the Gulf was added by Obama AFTER their review and report'. "We voted for no such thing and as far as we are concerned it is wrong and even has National Security Implications". The man is a CON-ARTIST. His administration is the most corrupt in American history. Even if he reversed this decision next week it will be to late. The million dollar a day drilling rigs will be headed to Soros, I mean Brazil, perhaps never to return, at least not until hundreds of thousands of jobs and peoples lives have been destroyed unnecessarily. Welcome to 'hope and change' friends, it may be your Industry he decides to destroy next.
"Gross Negligence or WILLFUL MISCONDUCT" by B.P. (Obama piggy bank-but not any more) accuses 25% PARTNER Anadarko Petroleum. And now their Illuminati Brethren are rushing to implement their latest WORLDWIDE TAX SCHEME, 'Cap and Trade'. What will it take for the people to be able to observe the obvious?
And finally for today please consider carefully the Gates/Buffett solicitation this week for all Billionaires to give half or more of their wealth to charity. Organized Charities spend the 5% of there annual 'take' on 'Charity' as required to maintain their tax exempt status. Most of the rest goes for new buildings and 'feathering their nest' and creation of lifetime jobs and benefits for themselves individually. The Red Cross, for example, collected 500M for the Katrina victims, gave 100M to the victims and 'pocketed' 400M. Their President resigned over this, the fifth resignation from that position in seven years. This is how ALL major charities conduct themselves often 'charging' sixty to eighty cents of each dollar raised for 'overhead' with twenty to forty cents going to those in need. Wouldn't you just love to see an accounting of what Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton did with the hundreds of millions raised for the tsunami victims? Notice that there is no such accounting. I have a hunch Gates solicitation is aimed at program recipients. I suggest to you there are better, less expensive ways to help those in need. Remember, Gates, working for Obama, tried for months to access our accounts using professional hackers and sometimes even using White House computers. I would not trust Bill Gates with a quarter for the pay phone if my house were on fire. So how to do it better you ask?
I will write a separate opinion piece, even if it is 'after the fact' (funding) and will send it to Mr. Bellringer for posting in the "Humanitarian Projects" area of Fourwinds. Perhaps RMN will also see fit to post it. This is a very very major subject I have been thinking about for years. Hopefully I will be able to influence your thinking in favor of those who need help rather than the lecherous 'charities' Gates has in mind.
On the Business Front activity and forward progress continues around the clock in many countries simultaneously. Yes, absolutely, the sabotage attempts have continued. I hear and I believe they are overcome as they present themselves. Also that the recent delays were very necessary to deal with these matters and deliveries truly are 'imminent'.
casper 6-19-10 opinion

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