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Friday, June 11, 2010

Restore America Plan - RestoreAmerica.net - New Site --- Good!

           from nesaranews


Since stats started on May 17th this site has served up

860,000 pages to over 40 different countries!!
We welcome all and need the signatures now we see movement happening it is time to step up. As tim says there are three types of people those who talk about “what’s going to happen”, those that say “let’s make it happen”, and those that say “what happened?”  

No fence sitting on this one, take the step of faith and let’s show the world the way. The founding fathers have shown us the way. Now it is time to remember  Valley Forge, Lexington, Concord. The spirit must awaken and each man or woman must join and raise your voice against the dark..there is not more darkness just less light.....Let’s shine in this moment and stand with our founders in Peace, Unified. There is no greater Love than this that you would lay down your life for your Brother. No one is asking you to die, we are asking you to live and stand with us now! What will you do? 

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