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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Restore America Plan- Lightning Strikes Twice --- Tim Turner & Dr. Rutledge

from nesaranews

Tim Turner, Guardian Elder and Dr. Rutledge our new segment editor for “Living Well”, bring stunning information to WakingUPInAmerica.com Listeners.
Pacific Palisades, California, June 22, 2010.  Join Doctor Val andTim Turner, Guardian Elder of the Restore America Plan, has the latest updates.
Dr. Rutledge, joins The WakingUPInAmerica team, as segment editor of LIVING WELL offering his medical expertise and mind blowing health information to listeners.
Turner tells it like it is. A Florida Fisherman has evolved into a Guardian Elder. His commitment to making the people of the Republics aware, of their rights and privileges as Sovereigns, is appreciated by all.
Dr. Rutledge and his segment LIVING WELL give this osteopath the perfect arena to give you the essential health steps for a great life. This week you will find about how to get a good nights sleep.
Doctor Deb says, “Sleep well and wake up”, it is all here this week.
Want to create a new world, then do something fine – From Wikepedia , the 4th definition
superior in kind, quality, or appearance : excellent
We’re got the a new Pledge of Allegiance from Doctor Val, so tune in Wednesday.
Visit http:://www.WakingUPInAmerica.com for in depth info. Listen in, June 23 at noon Pacific or pick the replay after 4pm. Join Doctor Val and her radio team as they receive life altering information and “as a fly on the wall”, so do you.
About Doctor Valerie Kirkgaard For 23 years, she has been the Creator, Host and Producer of Waking Up In America. Whether falling out of planes or negotiating torrid conversations between those who believe in nuclear power and those vehemently opposed, Dr. Valerie Anne Kirkgaard is the proverbial cat that always lands on her feet. Born with an intrepid curiosity and need to know, Valerie's unique life journey prepared her to be one of the most engaging Radio Talk Show Hosts on the airways today. Committed to a planet that works for all people, Valerie has been bringing America's most knowledgeable experts; authors, scientists, athletes, celebrities and world leaders in the public and spiritual realms to her table for 23 years. Waking Up in America, the premier social concern radio magazine, continues to rivet the airways with provocative and heart-warming conversations.
For additional information: Contact Dr. Valerie Kirkgaard at 310 455-8623 or email her at Val@WakingUPInAmerica.com or visit http://www.WakingUPInAmerica.com.

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