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Friday, June 25, 2010

Senator LeMieux on BP spill.wmv

filmed 6/21/10 

Listen to what he says is going on and the Presidents responses when he gives him the information. He says the President has not been told by his people what number of skimmers are available and those from overseas. Its an abomination what is happening. This is what it will look like when you have CORPORATIONS RUNNING YOUR GOVERNMENT. They are totally incompetent or criminal and in either case we would be screwed under a global fascist system. Once again the psychos are also running the war and we can see where that is going.... no where......No thanks.

How many articles now, and videos have we seen that repeats the same thing. We have access to all that we need to clean and fix up the mess and instead they spend all their time pumping their fear AND TOXIC COREXIT INSTEAD, that instead of aiding people along the gulf, they are making them ill instead.

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