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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Poof report 06-27-10

Greetings and Salutations:

I will say a few things and that's about it. The bulk of what I know is not my place to drop on the public and really only add to what I put out last week. If you have a grasp what it means to enter the age of aquarius (2007) then what's happening around us would only make sense. Before you get peace and understanding, you have to rid the world of that which would attempt to block it. If you don't understand that even during ww2 the allies were using astrology to win the war, do a little reading, you might find out that Ike had astrologers and reagan, clearly had one. It doesn't matter whether any of us 'believe in' that stuff or think it's all demonic, the people you've been voting for are paying attention. If you want to grasp the world working around you, you have to understand their motives. In 2000 'they' used certain things to grab the american people's attention and hold it until, it all began to break down, just couldn't sustain anymore. Still the effects are wafting across the ground as too many 'forgot' what happened for 8 years so they blame obama for what they created. They took advantage of american forgetfulness on what happened last week or even the week before. They used Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' to work the masses. Just keep repeating the same thing over and over and pretty soon it becomes the 'new truth'. Facts are but accepted opinions, which are subject to change, as real truth blazes upon them, showing them to be flawed.
All countries have their money now and need drops to make that stuff liquid. Obama has no more ability to stop any of this than my cat does. It's hard for the west to think or believe that people exist that have the wherewithall to put the whole planet's banking system straight. They have more resources than these goons ever dreamed off. Because of that, 'the goons' couldn't believe when the folks they borrowed from, raided the game. The parents came downstairs.... Anyone know where bernanke and a bunch of other central bankers are right now? Basel, at the BIS...where the crap drops from high heights and these guys are no more than employees in the global game of banking. I hope you reread that and think about what I just said, as you cuss out the citibanks, etc, of the world. Fulford needs to recheck his facts, jd rockefeller didn't have the majority holdings of the fed, the rothschilds did, and they used jp morgan to do it. Rocky had to deal with that and one of the reasons chase ended up being enfolded by jp morgan. Debt will come and get you, no matter what you think of yourself. Many banks across the planet are dealing with the lender of 'first resort' now because, all the seconds and thirds are broke.
As I repeat the ancient chinese curse, 'be careful what you wish for, you may get it', we all need to process that thru the grey matter. Logic will fail many times if you remain a slave to the mental circuits. The mind is a tool, that's it. That is not 'knowing', that's 'believing', belief remains a process because it requires 'thinking'. Experience(gut) removes the need to think about stuff. Fire hurts if you stick your hands in it and unless you 'know' how to render that harmless, you're going to get some blisters or worse. So watch yourself when trying to 'transcend' physicality. Belief is but a bridge to knowing. I believe, 'I can do this or that' but, experience will teach whether that works or not. Do yourselves a favor, remember this; just because some media outlet says this or that, doesn't mean it's real and factual. I'm getting hammered with what the talking heads are saying but I already know they don't know what they are talking about and they are making 'stabs' at it. Oh there are a few who are asking deeper questions but that bores people who want to 'know' with in 5 mins....you aren't going to know and you aren't going to get what people who have a whole lot more years under their belts know from experience, know. Stop thinking that the us runs the world, that would be a good step in the right direction.
Briefly, they have already put 3 super banks online with 4 more following. These banks will be running the entire new banking system world wide, or perhaps I should say ARE running it. You will witness a big currency shift, that's all precious metal backed, ending up with one world currency. Ending this all over the map stuff we've been watching for years. This is not the old 'thousand points of light' , old man bush was pushing back in his day...matter of fact, a whole lot of stuff he was trying to do got blown out of the box. (google prescott bush)Not turning this into a prison planet, sir, and there will be no 4th reich...got it?( it wouldn't be prudent) It wasn't obama resisting at the meetings it was merkel, trying to help her cousin out. But what the hell, lets blame everything on obama! He's arrogant, sitting in the wh preening, being arrogant and uppity, spending white folks money and a 'foreigner' at that. Negroes don't know anything about big money and organization, they are suppose to serve the white man so we'll let him flounder around and then come waltzing back in and get rid of him and that whole idea he was promoting. We'll be the saviors and the people will vote us back into power, done, what's 4 years? I see Jeb is making moves already. Ya really think the rest of the world doesn't know what took place in 2000?????? And they will permit you to start that crap back up again? Man, 'stupid is as stupid does'! By the time they get done ripping a hole thru texas politrix, there won't be a hole for any of them to hide in. Which is already underway, btw. Yep cheney got tossed out of a BoA for trying to steal program money but dummy still didn't learn, now he's got heart problems...the same thing that happened when he found out his money disappeared when dubai world went down a few months ago. A person said to me, 'well, that was just him choking on another lie he's told'. This is going to be one of those cases where the daughter who believes in her daddy finds out he's full of crap and has to live with it for defending his belief system. This is ugly, that's all I can say. The vatican is getting it's clock cleaned and think Jesus is going to come down and rescue them. You've broken every tenet he laid out, behind the scenes and what, you don't think a divine being couldn't see what you've been up to??? Whaddya think everyone is stupid? Your first move back to rehab is admit what the chinese did for you. Too hard? Let me see now, who owns the vatican bank? Who owns buckingham palace and the grounds it's sitting on?
Oh, there's so much more and it will be revealed, which is the big reason the bad guys have fought so hard. They never wanted their business put on the street, should have thought of that when they were offered the chance to walk away, with even some money in their pockets. I'm watching the manifestation of what I was told 30 years ago, 'if they fight, we'll bankrupt them'. I just never thought anyone could be so obtuse, so plain bereft of commonsense. Reptiles, however, are not the smartest on the food chain and these guys have been displaying that they are no higher than lizards in mentality. I'm sticking a plug in it and let those whose position dictate, drop the goodies and be Heard when they tell it. Afterall, I might be delusional or just plain lying to benefit myself somehow. My only final statement is, 'don't buy any wooden nickels' out here and listen carefully as the announcements begin. People are about to have their whole heads scrambled, whaaaaa? I took you to the river, now you'll have to drink the water if you expect to be sustained.
I'll handle what ever left over calls I haven't made yet and you know how to reach me for consultations. Btw clyde has already moved into the position he said he would when the time came. Miracles never cease. Donations needed and accepted at www.paypal.com account 2goforth@safe-mail.net
Love and Kisses,

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