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Sunday, June 27, 2010


                            from RMN
RAP - Unofficial - RAP Florida Grand Jury Presents Order to Florida Governor
RAP Florida Grand Jury Presents Order to Florida Governor
Executive Summary – The below story and release did not come through official RAP channels. We believe it to be authentic so we posted it. Apparently the de jeur grand jury told the Florida Governor to do something about the oil spill. This was done with the Louisiana Governor as well by the Louisiana de jeur Grand Jury. They are demanding the Florida Governor to perform his fiduciary duties and protect the people of Florida.
This is foreign to a Governor today although lawful and consistent with the oath of office the Governor takes. The Governors (leave the Arizona Governor out of this) are used to protecting the assets of the elite, not protecting their constituents. The governors are perplexed as to how to deal with Obama and the oil spill. It is obvious that Obama is an enemy of the people either by stupidity or intent, both is also a possibility. The governors are afraid of arrest and martial law which would suspend their office and power. So they do nothing, sound familiar. They sit on their hands while evil works overtime.
What the Governor Will Do – Probably nothing at this point. He will ask his state police about it and they will ask the FBI. He will be told in strong terms to not give it to the press and the FBI will collect the document. They will not provide any information to the Governor. The Governor is endangering himself by doing nothing and he will realize this. It is damaging politically in the public eye and legally he can be removed for abandoning his position as an elected official. RAP seems to be moving quietly but maybe not so quietly anymore. If the Grand Jury pushes ahead in this they will return a presentment that the Governor has abandoned his position, failure to protect the people, violating his oath of office etc. He will be removed from office by the de jeur Grand Jury.
The next step would then be the provost marshall of the military serving the governor with the decision with an order to vacate the office and premises immediately. This is assuming the military is on board with RAP which it appears they are. I am unclear as to how the office of Governor would be filled after vacated. Ultimately a new election would be held but who takes interim control is a good question. They would go through the ranks to see if a lower elected authority figure would agree to a constitutional blood oath of office and operate constitutionally. If no takers then they might appoint a trustee or board of trustees to temporarily fill the office of the Governor of the Republic of Florida. If it gets to this point then BP had better run and hide and Obama will go nuts.
Will work best if this is done with several Gulf states at the same time and is may very well be happening now. If it is done with several states in the Gulf then they can coordinate efforts to save the coast and collectively raid the BP coffers to pay for this. I am expecting they may go after some assets of the british crowne as well which is fine with me. The crowne may be seeing the colonists (USA) as breaking free and is also wanting to teach the colonists a severe lesson as a going away present, thus the oil spill. Obama will go nuts but the more states involved the better. This will be the final blow to the kenyans credibility and it is all downhill from there for the obama gang.
RAP and the Oil Spill – The direction RAP and the de jeur Grand Juries are taking is the best one. They are going to take the gulf states initially back to being true Republics and ignore the Kenyan in the White House and fix the oil spill issues because the kenyan sure as shooting is just shooting hoops and playing golf while things gets worse as some sort of sick show of defiance. It is not hard to believe the military is behind this, is it? If we or the military wait for Obama we will all get doom and gloom. If RAP does it the damage is done but it will be minimalized as best as possible. Now is it hard to believe that 69 other nations are interested in supporting RAP versus letting the kenyan destroy the eco systems of the oceans? Many nations are sick of the bullying by the USA and are ready for change.
Lessons to be Learned – If the people do nothing except play the “I Hope it Gets Better” game while evil prevails they will get something like this oil spill, martial law, a civil war or wars in general. When evil prevails, millions die. The longer the people wait the worse it gets. It never gets better or stays the same, never ever. No one is going to give you your rights unless you insist on them and are prepared to enforce them.
Keeping guns and ammo in your safe is not enforcement. Maybe RAP will do the work for you this time but you people need to get more proactively involved in your rights and teach your kids the same.

RAP will take you far but you better get with the program and teach the constitution to your kids with an emphasis on “repugnant to the constitution” or this will happen again some day perhaps long after you are gone.
Reprint of Press Release Follows but this has not been authenticated,.
PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release June 24, 2010
For Immediate Release
June 24, 2010
On June 18, the Florida de jure Grand Jury through their trustee ordered Florida Governor Charlie Crist to declare a state of emergency due to catastrophic events caused by British Petroleum to fund the cleanup of catastrophic events including capping off leaking oil well known as Macondo Prospect on location in Mississippi Canyon Block 252 in the Gulf of Mexico, the Deepwater Horizon, deploy the Florida National Guard and form a trust between coastal republics to file lis pendens against British Petroleums assets in the Gulf of Mexico.
The order of the Florida de jure Grand Jury executed on behalf of the sovereign people on the Florida republic requires Governor Crist to perform his duties as Chief Magistrate, Commander in Chief of the Florida republic and trustee for the sovereign beneficiaries. The sovereign people and beneficiaries are demanding him to exercise his fiduciary obligation, act in their best interest to protect them as well as act as the trustee.
A spokesperson for the Florida de jure Grand Jury stated, “The United States Federal Corporation has abandoned its obligations to those who ultimately authorized its original construction, now administered by a mere commercial entity for profit. This abandonment of fiduciary and legal obligations voids the authority of the Federal Corporation, the United States, to affect any American.
Therefore, we the de jure Grand Jury on Florida republic, having claimed the abandoned obligations to The Good People on Florida, have also accepted the obligation to speak for The One People for the protection of our soil, our republican governmental form, and our physical health and welfare. We do this within international authorities regarding abandoned property and salvage rights known to be obligations requiring recognition by international participants.”
On March 24 all fifty state properly seated de jure Grand Juries through the Restore America Plan and the Guardians of the free republic. Governor Crist was given notice on March 29 by the de jure Grand Jury for We the People, being the sovereigns of the Body Politics that seat the de jure Grand Juries was so the governors of this country could rid themselves of the corrupt federal government and monetary system which has kept the people in servitude for the last 150 years.
According to the spokesperson, “The goal of the Guardians of the Free Republics is to make sure our children have the country our founding fathers spent much treasure and shed so much blood to give us, a Guaranteed Republic. We believe that no one should live a life of involuntary servitude including your children. We have enlisted the United States Military to support us. As you may know they take an oath to protect the people from enemies, both foreign and domestic, and have agreed to give us support.”
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