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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Vatic Project :Another false flag in the making like 2007 - or 9/11? Still one cheney nuke missing!

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                                                   Date: Friday, 18-Jun-2010 07:47:22
Vatic Project - Daily Summary ... June 17, 2010
I. Blog: The Vatic Project
Post: Another false flag in the making like 2007 - or 9/11? Still one cheney nuke missing! Could that be it?
Vatic Note: (Before you read my vatic note,) please watch this video all the way through, and understand why this man was murdered and how prophetic he was based on exactly what is going on now. He was sooooo right and we need to be reminded of what he said, SO THAT WE NEVER, EVER FORGET AGAIN. I sincerely ask that you hear it all the way through and you will be shocked at what he apparently knew and tried to tell us. Then when you read the article you will see it clearly.
Link: http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/06/another-false-flag-in-making-like-2007.html

II. Post: BP Is Destroying Evidence and Censoring Journalists
Vatic Note: We keep asking " Why are they censoring and prohibiting independant confirmation of their admitted big blow out problem?" Its not because of the wildlife as is always the case, rather its because they are hiding something we DO NOT KNOW and they don't want us to find out about. The so called "extinction" event nature of the so called blow out is not only being admitted by BP, but is being constantly shoved into our faces with lots of FEAR about it, so that is not what they are hiding, since that press is owned by the same owners of BP. So WHY AND WHAT ARE THEY HIDING???? Could it be there was no oil blow out and thus NO LEGITIMATE REASON TO POUR 1 MILLION GALLONS OF TOXIC DISBURSEMENT INTO THE GULF???? Or to use the CIA EVERGREEN DRUG RUNNING AIRLINES TO DISBURSE MORE IN THE AIR OVER COASTAL LAND AREAS??? Is it because they in fact are conducting CHEMICAL WARFARE AGAINST THE PEOPLE??? Killing our food supply during growing season? That chemical turns to gas and forms clouds that then move over land and its doing that right now and killing all plant life. IS THAT WHAT THEY ARE HIDING, IS MURDER, DESTRUCTION OF LIFE, intentionally making people ill or killing the weak and unproductive??? What is the reason they are hiding all of this and why did our military spokesperson say BP was "the governments partner" in all of this???? The first act by the President of the United States was a military response to protect BP's oil rigs from someone attacking them. Why??? What are they planning that would make people want to attack their oil rigs??? Would it be on the off chance that we found out about the chemical warfare against us???? That would make sense and its the only explanationt that makes sense.
Link: http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/06/bp-is-destroying-evidence-and-censoring.html

III. Post: MSNBC In Cover-Up Of Manifestly Provable Population Control Plan
Vatic Note: (VN: They are fighting me on this blog every word of the way, its taken me hours to put this up and its why it wasn't finished when the scheduled time came. Just to let you know I think this is hitting them right where they are right now with this chemical poisoning and its not an accident. That excuse they created with the oil blow out that they knew about a year ago, (Movie "Knowing") is how they keep you from misbehaving to their disadvantage)
Vatic Note: I find this a coincidence that depopulation and eugenics has been such a long time funding project of the robber barons/global elite and the very same time that this blow out and threat to major population centers are showing up at the same time. You will understand why I see the Gulf and the chemical warfare as the culmination of decades of planning for this. When you read some of the quotes below I believe you will be as offended and outraged as I was. But then, maybe not. I am becoming an anomoly, lol Keep in mind who these people really are. They actually believe in breeding by blood lines which usually results in physical and mental aberrations due to a limited gene pool and its reflected in their thought patterns which are as aberrant as their ideas. I won't go into why their ideas do not serve them, but save that for another time. Today this article is intense, thorough, well researched and educational more than most I have read about this subject, which is quite a bit. Please take the time and as you read, think about this oil spill, also think about the value of keeping us in fear? We do not make good decisions when we feel threatened, so keep an open mind and realize so much of what they have fed us in the past was not only not true, but manipulative to get us to behave a certain way that would fit with their agenda. LETS NOT ACCOMMODATE THEM. No moving into camps, no giving up the guns, no fear, and no servile begging, we the other people here will help, simply contact this blog and we will begin to aid you in finding places to stay untill this can get straightened out. Watch our music videos and see how it can give you courage to replace that abject fear they pump out daily. Time to get damn good and mad.

link: http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/06/msnbc-in-cover-up-of-manifestly.html
IV. Post: Was Israel ever legitimate?
Authors Note: The history of Israel as a geopolitical fraud will fill entire libraries, as those defrauded marvel at how so few deceived so many for so long. Those duped include many Jews who even now identify their interests with this extremist enclave.
Israeli leaders are wrong to worry about "de-legitimisation". They are right to fear that a long-deceived public is fast realising that Israel's founding was key to an ongoing deception.
The "invention of the Jewish people" did not begin with Shlomo Sand's 2009 bestseller of that name. There was no exile, says Sand, a distinguished Jewish scholar. Nor was there an exodus. So how could there be a return, the core premise of Israeli statehood?
Link: http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/06/was-israel-ever-legitimate.html

V. Post: Is Blackwater's Erik Prince Moving to the United Arab Emirates?
Vatic Note: When you read this, the first question you ask yourself is "Why?". Eric was an insiders insider, and did the bidding of his masters, and yet, given all the corruption by Goldman sachs, all the breaking of international laws by Israel that both the Bush and Obama administrations have ignored and supported in the UN, and given all the false flags, assassinations, and other ignoring of laws and subsequent prosecutions, why did they take on Eric Prince and not give him the same leeway they gave to these other lawbreakers who are still functioning in the US gov at the highest levels??? What is the difference between him and the others? Its clear, he is not a Zionist, he is a Christian fundamentalist and thus resides in the same category as the muslims do to those who run this nation. Remember, we are a foreign occupied country. YOU REALLY NEED TO GET CLEAR ABOUT THAT if we are to ever stop the horror that is going on here.
When you read the history of the Khazars (the non Jewish Jews who run Israel and have since its inception) you will discover they lost their country by being invaded on the east by the Muslims and on the west by the Catholics. That is why Rothschild selected the red dragon shield as his family crest in Germany and called himself "Rothschild" which means "Red Shield" and the red shield was the crest of the monarchy of Khazaria. They hate the muslims for making them homeless and wonderers and they hate the Christians for the same reason and they want to see them fight each other and kill each other off so the ashkenazi's are the only ones left standing. Erik represents the Christian side of that equation. No quarter will be given to him for that reason, thus he had to flee. He was used until he was no longer needed. Now Israel is the biggest owner of private contract companies of mercenaries. They now win many of our contracts for private mercs such as BP etc.
Link: http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/06/is-blackwaters-erik-prince-moving-to.html

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