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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Restore America Plan - Tim Turner Transcript

from nesaranews

Waking Up In America - June 23, 2010 - Transcript of Tim Turner portion.
11:00 into the Interview - Tim Turner (TT ends at 20:06)

VK - we've been listening and waiting...
TT - Well, I'm glad they can hear it.
VK - Me too, we did a little work on that this morning didn't we?
CW - We sure did, thanks for showing up Tim.
TT - Thank you..
VK - I've got some questions that have come from listeners over time..first of all, they really wanted to hear your voice and know that everything was well...
TT - Everything is well.
VK - Some of our listeners are concerned that the Restore America Movement isn't happening...I knew you could say something powerful about that.
TT - Oh...I can assure you it is happening right on schedule, and it's going great.
VK - Now what kind of things are actually involved in the statement " it is happening right on schedule " -- what kind of things can people get their teeth into Tim?
TT - Well, actually if you've been paying attention to California, they just passed a law in the last couple days, going back to common law, unless you're driving a commercial vehicle, you're not required to have a driver's license any longer.
TT - That was in the news yesterday...yes...
VK - Oh my God that's terrific...
TT - Isn't that something? So we are going back to common law. The Supreme Court made a decision also ruled that we have to go back to common law as well, here about a month ago. I did get the decision, I'm not ready yet, but I did get the commentary on it, it says that the courts are going to have to go back to common law. I believe that was our orders that we sent in March, if I remember correctly, March 30th, I believe that's what it said...
VK - Yes
CW - Yes
TT - So we are seeing some results from what we did, although it's not moving quite as quickly as we'd hoped -- things are in place and we do have the support of all of ALL the Agencies now.....they have recognized us around the world as the government.
VK - Wow, I got chills..
TT - 69 nations have recognized us as the government
VK - How many nations are there?
TT - I don't know honestly
VK - laughing - we've got at least half!
TT - have to look that up, assume there's over 200 I think, but anyway, 69 as of last count are on board and supporting the Restore America Plan and the Republic, and in fact they are very anxious to see it come in and we have been promised the funding to begin our government, ah, from some of these nations around the world have already stepped forward and committed, we actually have the letters of commitment, committing the assets, and we have MORE than enough assets to fund the government in place.
VK - How long is that going to take from the papers to the funds in hand do you think?
TT - It's already done..
VK - Oh--it's already done..
TT - Yes, we've got possession, have already taken possession of the assets.
VK - What do you think the time frame is on that?
TT - Ah, the biggest problem we have is taking possession of assets. In one cache, just one cache--and I can't reveal much about it, but it's [unintelligble] million metric tons of gold..
VK - A MILLION Metric Tons? - Do we have an idea how big...
TT - THREE AND A HALF MILLION METRIC TONS OF GOLD that has been pledged. That's just in one cache, we have two other caches as well, that's just one of them. The others are that large or larger, and a smaller one as well that is in place, plus we've been pledged in excess of $18 Trillion dollars in funds from supporters around the world. The people are very anxious to see this go forward, around the world, they're coming forward... I'd like to tell the people about God's hand in this...is 100% in this...it has really amazed me...in the last few weeks...what has really happened. About 40 years ago there were principals around the world that God told that they needed to start putting away gold...because the restoration of the Republic was coming, and of the united States--the American Republic was coming, and he wanted them to fund it. For 40 years that have been putting away Gold Bullion for this project. Not just one, there are over 300 principals involved. God told them all about the same time to do this.
VK - Oh my God...
TT - And -- this is so incredible what God has done, has just blown me away...and they said there would be a man that would stand up, to resurrect the republic, and about 2 months ago they contacted me and said they believed I was the man, and now it has been confirmed, I am the trustee to take over the funds to resurrect the republic.
VK - Oh I've got chills all over myself..
TT - And so that's what they said, these people are - God said give it to us, that it was to resurrect -- not just this government, we have enough to resurrect governments around the world, in assets.
VK - That's totally terrific...the Grand Juries..
TT - Many nations not just this one..
VK - Can you give us a brief update on what's happening with the grand Juries?
TT - Well, the Grand Juries are in place, ah we have a couple of them we are still having issues with but the vast majority are in place and waiting, waiting on funding to actually fund the Grand Juries...we're meeting on that next week, we hope to have it by then, we do have a number accounts that are being funded, all that's in process, we don't have them cleared yet, it's days away from being cleared..so we can do some funding for the juries, as that's real important..
VK - What's going on with foreclosures and credit cards?
TT - Well, we have put in the order to stop it, we're waiting on the response to that order, and that's all I can go into right now..
VK - OK that's great..
TT - I can't share too much about that yet, it's a little early..
VK - Darren baker wants to know what's going on with Bonded Promissory Notes...do you think they are going to be more readily acceptedf?
TT - I don't know how that's going to work, I don't know yet, we still got some meetings to hold, I'm not sure, I just don't know yet how that's gonna work out..
CW - Tim I have a question for you - to change the subject slightly, the events with General McChrystal, any thoughts on that?
TT - I don't really know what's going on there, I'll probably get an update on that today, tried to yesterdsy but our sources were tied up and couldn't talk..
TT - We have secure channels that we can communicate with different people, various people in high places in governments around the world, and I have not been updated on that situation..I suspect is probably that he just made some comments he shouldn't have at this point..
CW - Do you think the media might be grandstanding a little bit?
TT - Well, they make a big issue out of it. Probably more reporters than anything else
VK - Sounds like it might be more hearsay at this point..
TT - Well no, he did an interview for a magazine, he just made a statement, he got talked to about protocol, and they, knowing the people he's dealing with, the narcissist people in government will probably abuse him pretty bad over it.
VK - Tim I realize you've got very little time left...

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