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Monday, June 7, 2010

brasschecktv.com: Bilderberg is running scared !!

from RMN

                 My conscience has forced me out of hibernation 'cos the B.B.C.,
working for their puppet masters - the Rothschild Family, who are Israel -
intend to do everything to keep this out of the news.
Well you know what to do, don't you, to make sure it isn't?

Bilderberg is running scared !!
36,634 views as at today
The Global Power Elite are NOT that Strong!
Len Jukes
20,000 people demonstrated against Israel in London Sat June 5th ...the British government and medias have blacked out all reports ..
is this Jew boy Cameron's ''transparant '' democracy ?..its more like a fascist state!!

Viva Palestina founder George Galloway, speaking to a crowd of around 20,000 protesting outside the Israeli Embassy in London,
revealed the latest plan to bring about the end of the siege on Gaza.

Two simultaneous convoys - one by land the other by sea - will set forth on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 12th bound for Gaza. Viva Palestina,
the International Committee to break the Siege on Gaza and any allies who will join us will organise the two convoys.

The land convoy will leave from London and travel across Europe to Turkey Syria and ultimately through the Rafah Gate into Gaza.
Co-operation will be offered and sought with all relevant governments and agencies. It is expected the convoy will
pick up vehicles and volunteers in each country through which it passes. The target is to enter Gaza with 500 vehicles.

The sea convoy will travel around the Mediterranean gathering ships, cargo, volunteers from each country.
The target is to enter Gaza with sixty ships.

The aim will be to arrive on Gaza's frontiers at the same time. And to enter with the world's largest ever aid convoys. And to thereby render the siege null and void

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