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Saturday, June 5, 2010

It Is Coming - Bank Holiday, RAP - Not To Be Concerned

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hello folks,
The "Bank-Holiday" Three Day Closing that we've been hearing About, to come - Is Here!
The world that I have, confirmed by another "very" reliable source is - Very Soon!
I replied to that statement - This Week? Say Possibly Monday? The Response was - - - Yes!
What this will mean:
The new Restore America Plan "mandated" gold backed currency, will be Circulated by the United States Treasury [NOT the FED!].
The new gold-backed currency, will be riding upon the new gold-backed One-Hundred Dollar Bill that you've already seen - will be Circulated!
The Exchange rate Will Be "Ten-FRN's-To-One-New-Gold-Backed-Dollar".
NOT To Be Concerned!!!
EXCEPT! - the grocery, other stores and gasoline stations "may" "Might" Close, to re-configure their computer systems and pricing to the new currency?
So, you may want to stock-up and fill-up, with enough bread and milk for 3-days!
Although you will seem to take a hit, on the exchange rate...
The New Currency Will Buy - So Much More!!!
Meaning, one-gallon of gasoline, will Revert-Back to twenty-six [.26] cents [gold or silver rate] per gallon!
Can you do the math?
In either case, get enough FRN's out of the bank "today" [ATM's] to last you for three days of basic necessities! You can exchange them when the bank re-opens....
Remember the "ATM's" will NOT Work Either!!!
And the Wal-Mart computer's probably won't either!!!
Everything left in the banks, 401k's, CD's, Insurance Policy's, etcetera, will be automatically converted for you!
Does this mean that the Federal Reserve is Gone?
Does this mean that the IRS is Gone?
Does this mean that all current "non-victim" criminal prosecutions and current imprisonment's are Gone?
I Believe It Does!!!
Let us see what Our Yahweh Father Has Planned....
Bydavid clarence: Expressly Reserving All Liberties. A Man and A Living Spirit. Not a person, human-being, corporation or other type of abomination! a Private Dweller! Who is Not For Public Use!
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