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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Obama team "conspiring" against Arizona law

Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

            Arizona's Governor Jan Brewer is under intense
            scrutiny and pressure for her reasonable stand
            to control illegal immigration. Take a moment
            right now to click below and sign our petition
            in time for our delivery to her office.
                               -- Steve

Click here to sign:


On Friday, Gov. Jan Brewer removed the state's attorney general from defending Arizona's new SB1070 -- accusing him of "conspiring with the Obama administration as it considers whether to sue the state."

According to Fox News, Brewer's decision came following news that Justice Department officials met with Attorney General Terry Goddard prior to meeting with her legal team.

With Goddard's removal from this case, Brewer plans on invoking a provision in the law to have a private attorney defend the state from legal challenge... a provision that is being called "un-constitutional" by Goddard.
 Gov. Brewer is under intensifying pressure and stress to back down from her uncompromising stand against illegal aliens who have in many places overrun her state and put her people at great risk.

That's why, as I write, our team is processing the first delivery of more than 80,000 petitions supporting Gov. Brewer to her office.

But we feel we must do more -- especially with this latest news that her own Attorney General appears to have beenworking against her!

+ + Looking for 100,000 citizens to take a stand

Over the next 72 hours, we want to expand this petition to 100,000 signers and send a strong message to Obama and his "open border elitists" that Americans are standing with Gov. Brewer in support of SB1070.

            As soon as we reach 100,000, we will schedule
            the next delivery of petitions.

            Click here right now to help us reach 100,000
            signers and be included in the next petition
            delivery to Gov. Brewer's office:


If you are unsure of SB1070 because of the negative media spin, we've posted the bill and a fact sheet on our petition page for friends to reference. Click here to read more about SB1070, and sign our petition:


Tthe incredible attack on Gov. Brewer and thestate of Arizona is designed to demonize the grassroots citizens who are leading the Tea-Party revolt against the current explosion of government control.

We cannot let Gov. Brewer stand alone. Please don't miss this opportunity.

As always thank you for standing with Grassfire Nation.

Steve Elliott
Grassfire Nation

P.S. Those of us who are daring to stand with Gov. Brewer are being called racists, hate-mongers and xenophobes. Nothing could be further from the truth!

We stand for law and order at the border.

After signing, forward this message today and help me reach 100,000 signers in the next 72 hours. Have your friends click below now:


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