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Friday, June 4, 2010

Oil Disaster Fumes Sicken Workers, Sea Birds Fall Over Instantly Dead.

This just makes me sick!!!! People, please wake up!!! This is intentionally being done. Baaaaa baaaaaa baaaaaa
This article came from fourwinds10.com :

“The bird was standing right next to me on the ship, it didn’t stumble or get woozy. It just instantly fell over dead!” The diver was upset telling me this. He continued, “I immediately became nauseous with a pounding headache and vomited. I had to get out of there but couldn’t, because we were on a ship sitting on top of the oil slick. Everybody on the ship was sick. You could actually see the gas bubbling up from underneath us. It was the dispersant that was making us all sick and killing the birds. They are injecting this toxic dispersant directly down into the oil stream as it is gushing out of the mouth of the well.

The pounding headache will just not stop. Now it’s a week later, and I still have this constant painful pounding headache. It’s apparently going away slowly, but it should not be staying with me like this. It was all over my head, then on both sides of the top of my head, and now it’s on just one side.

On top of what is washing up on the shores and what you can see in photographs, the dispersant has turned some of the oil into a huge blob that is now 22 miles long, and 6 miles wide! But you can’t see it. It’s hugging the sea floor, silently , invisibly killing everything, and heading around the tip of Florida and is going to go all the way up the East coast.”

This is what a volunteer master diver who was out with the company formed after the Valdiz disaster told me personally last night (5/27/10) at an open mic music event here in a Florida bar. He had just come back from the Gulf disaster, and was very upset he got so sick, and was quite emphatic that this huge blob was going to be an even bigger disaster.

I advised him, and told him to tell all his friends and workers, that what had happened to him was that a toxic group of probably hydrocarbons has entered and contaminated his blood and cells by going straight through his lungs. The poor bird was more fragile. The reason he was seeing the pain so slowly die down, was that he did not have a lot of oxygen reserves. (Example, his beer was “working” by denying oxygen to his brain.) So, due to pollution, lifestyle, and everything that assaults us daily in our lowered oxygen level atmosphere, unless you regularly take an oxygen supplement, you simply cannot have lots of stored cellular oxygen reserves to call on. His body simply couldn’t oxygenate, neutralize, and wash out the toxins quickly, because he was low on oxygen.
This is the most important point that you, he, and everyone else should know and quickly tell each other: The ONLY WAY TOXINS CAN LEAVE THE BODY IS TO FIRST HAVE THEM COMBINE WITH OXYGEN! This is how all cleansings work, by using oxygen first, and very few know it. A lot of people, volunteers, and disaster workers in the Southeast need to learn this right now. Without enough oxygen, the chemicals cannot leave, and they stay behind in our bodies causing problems. That is exactly why we all need more Oxygen at the ready, and already stored in our bodies, and this is why only Oxygen is the perfect premiere detoxifier of choice. Disease and toxic assaults are primarily countered by our Oxygen reserves. The more, the better, and the faster.

We are perfectly set up to do this processing naturally because our normal daily bodily wastes are mostly Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, & Sulfur based compounds (H,C,N,& S, same as in smog), and to get a toxin or infectious overload is to use our oxygen reserves up. The body adds oxygen to them all to kill the infectious anaerobes, or turn any toxins into more neutral H20, and CO2, etc. That we sweat and breathe out. Suppressing symptoms by average methods has nothing to do with removing the cause. This vital knowledge about how badly we need oxygen, and why, is not widely known, and should be, so we need to tell everyone quickly. Especially as we all come right up against the face of these environmental overloads.
I advised the master diver to get as much active oxygen supplementation into him as soon as possible, and keep it there. All my Mr. Oxygen® formulas are designed to support exactly this, and he also had a friend with a hyperbaric chamber that I encouraged him to get into as soon as possible. More information, books, DVDs etc. available at http://www.everybodylovesoxygen.com, http://www.mroxygen.com, and http://www.oxygenhealth.com. Happy Oxygen!

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