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Monday, June 7, 2010

Poof report 06-06-10

Greetings and Salutations;
Oh yea, any body who read my last newsletter, could see, Poof was about to dust up out of here. Believe it or not even the big investors and attorneys were on the same page and they did react and met with the only people who could answer their questions about 'why not', for last week. They are not naive enough to be looking at the president or the shrubs, clinton, or any of them. They know where the power is and that's where they went to get their answers. Not that they were happy with all this wait but at least they got comprehensive answers to their questions.
They added more money and it took longer then what they had estimated. This money was added that had been stolen or stashed away for one reason or another, this came because those above the whole thing wanted it done, so it was. This is a house cleaning covering a few centuries so some strange stuff comes up once it was realized, the game ends now. If it wasn't handled now, that stuff would fade into the matrix they created, never to be addressed, again. Some really smart people are addressing all kinds of stuff about the state of the world and they are using words like, 'if'...thus and so isn't done, it'll be a bloody mess out here. Translate that as 'global depression'. The folks with the real juice saw that as completely unnecessary just because a few didn't want to share the bounty with the populace. This brought on the 'smack down' never to be forgotten. Remember, debt is debt, it can't be monetized in the new system it is only 'air'.
Technologies that had been hidden away for a long time are about to be released, as this takes place and the funds needed to get the stuff up and running publicly, are in place. The tech to clean the gulf and other water ways in the world are ready to go to work. People will be amazed. Matter of fact, there will be many big O's in the middle of people's faces as everything starts materializing for common use. The medical world will be transformed for a living component, rather than based on death. I include the entire global banking system. I see the email out here about bank closings, uh, what if you can flip these banks over night? A box cutter to pull off the shrink wrap on the currency sitting in vaults, load the drawers for the next day, and 5 minutes to change a chip in the atms, to recognize the new currency. It only took one chip to change the entire us and canadian banking system! No worries about those last century undersea cables the bad guys had a habit a of cutting anymore.
This is not our parents' banking system anymore. We've crossed the bridge into the 21st century and now we walk thru the doorway...deliveries. BTW, they have eliminated much stress for receivers by bolting them directly into a trust so that takes you out of the whole 'what to do' once access has started. Much info has been given as to how far they have gone to protect you from yourself. Any questions, just ask your banker, he's a got something on him to not even want to try something. He will follow protocols because he'd be broke if he didn't and who wants to explain that to the family.
Volumes of info will be released to the people of the world. The announcements only start here, then go around the world and they'll last a bit because it will take a moment for everyone's grey matter to grasp the changes. Freedom requires letting go of one's control issues. If you can't give the next person the same freedom you want for yourself, you'll have a problem with this new world. So practice turning loose now otherwise those issues are going to keep confronting you. 'Treat your neighbor even, as you want to be treated'. It is true, this will go to the heart of the human condition. Yet, this is a revolution of global proportions, which is why it seems like it has taken forever to get here. Think about tho, it has taken them less time to reset the situation than it took folks to create the mess. Got to get an appreciation of history to fully understand that and for starters one can go back to the time of the medicis or 1066 in britain. Who owes who and for how long? The issue of the proper bloodline of the british isles looms big in all of this. I dare to say, things will be a bit confusing there, as it is in the us, when this starts. Some folks have spent their lives believing things that have no roots in the facts, thanks to the soothe sayers, they've trusted. Now they are trying to dump jefferson, susan b anthony, and others out of the history books???!!! Have you lost your minds??? Who are they going to say wrote the declaration of independence...moses?
Yes, I'm leaving the states, I've got work to do that requires I go elsewhere, so no matter what tweaks they've done for everyone, that has never changed. It will not matter where you go anymore because it will be the same all around the world. I will only say, watching out for the sharks will be more present in the us than other places, with the less than nice guys leading because soooo much has been confiscated from them. I don't expect to be saying one more word, as the rubber has already started hitting the road, with the shock absorbers funded and in place. One last remark, the president laid out some things at carnegie mellon(and who was andrew carnegie?) the other day and said it again, the tax payer will not be tagged with this change, why has NO media person asked the follow up question; 'so then mr president, where are you getting the money from to do all this?' They were too concerned about whether he was devoid of emotions or not. Hey Jr dropped a tear for everyone and what did that get you? Better have a tech head in there right now than somebody blowing smoke and being all touchy feely. Reagan was an actor, clinton felt your pain, and junior was protecting america even as he handed everything over to the bankers and the oil magnates, just as his daddy and cheney wanted.
Read your instructions and don't try to outsmart yourself, that bridge has been taken out. You will not be allowed to go back to the past, nor should you. Big Hugs to all of you, you've survived to the end.
I will be reaching the rest of you as quickly as possible, before I depart, that have requested a consultation, donations needed and accepted at www.paypal.com account 2goforth@safe-mail.net
Love and Kisses,

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