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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Prosperity Packages --- Interesting Developer Communication

from nesaranews

I have been blessed the other day with an email from one of the actual developers of the Prosperity Packages Program. A very nice kind, good soul --- a definite Good Guy.

He filled me in on the details written years ago.

The 200 name list for donations is required from each recipient. These names will be given to the bank for checks to be mailed. The recipient  will not know were the money has come from. The recipient WILL LOSE ALL HIS FUNDS IF THIS IS NOT FOLLOWED. 50% MUST BE DONATED.

The NDP - Non Disclosure Period he mentioned was longer than others. His information is from years ago and may not correspond to the current time.

But Most Important --
Have you all been reading all this 'Blah,Blah' stuff about GOD, LORD which many of you doubt and ridicule. Read the Top Of The Blog. 'This johnnie boy must be smokin something or Kookie'!
Well naysayers -
This gentleman who was directly involved in the program STRONGLY CONFIRMED that this is all from YOUR LOVING LORD. The Funds you may receive from this program whether as an program recipient or as a donation are from the LORD. Use them wisely to enrich all those around you.

And this gentleman did confirm you are to use these funds with LOVE towards our families and brothers/sisters throughout this world.

This is to assist the restoration of our planet, in preparation for "heaven coming down to earth".

I am so thrilled with this confirmation and consider myself privileged to be doing what I am doing.

GOD Bless You And Yours,

John MacHaffie  - HIS humble and pure heart servant

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