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Monday, June 7, 2010

alcuin and flutterby for 06-06-10

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Is this a real Bilderberg site? Or is it just more diversionary obfuscation?
Source here (06.06.10). More about the Bilderbergers here (06.06.10).
The new gold which will back the new US currency has been tested and refined by China. No gold-plated Tungsten fakes are involved.
The management of the new US dollar is to be taken away from the US Federal Reserve Board permanently. The Fed will have no say in the US dollar refunding programme.
Danny Barak, chief executive of Leader Capital Markets (Israel), commits suicide in Tel Aviv.
On Friday 4th June 2010, Danny Barak (48) jumped out of his office window on the 17th floor of Platinum Tower in Tel Aviv. He did not leave a suicide note. More here (06.06.10). Danny Barak was chief executive of Leader Capital Markets, one of Israel's top investment banks. LCM is engaged in underwriting, corporate research, securities trading for institutional investors and asset management. In the background is LCM's involvement with the financial meltdown in Hungary and the toxic derivatives crises at Société Générale (France) and Commerzbank-Dresdner (Germany).

Is Queen Elizabeth II of England an initiated Druidess?
This photograph has recently come to light. It was taken at high-status occult ceremony in the 1950s. Elizabeth Windsor (Queen Elizabeth II of England) is shown on the right. More background here (01.06.10).

Yoda wisdom for Gungan groupies
When Yoda unexpectedly encounters a fresh slice of hot buttered toast, his light sabre glows blue. But he does not eat it. Even a Jedi Master cannot easily digest a light sabre.

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