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Saturday, June 5, 2010


The Obama Administration has proposed a five percent tax on the sale of television sets to 'bailout' the MSM which is apparently the stop gap measure prior to Soros's "World Class GOVERNMENT RUN Media System". Another 'industry' propped up with Taxpayer funds and made dependent upon Government. Another waste of money since 85% of them are already rabid supporters of Obama and the Marxist Policies taught in the East Coast Journalism Schools. Another example, along with the Soros Plan, of Government takeover of the media in the U.S.. Another example of Taxpayer funds being diverted to Unions, Banks, GSE's etc., and now media. Another example of Obama seeing to it that his 'supporters' are artificially kept alive at Taxpayer expense.
The alternative to all these 'bailouts' which cost Trillions and have only bought a little time and nothing more was to let the corrupt, the incompetent and the weak fail. This is called 'Capitalism', the bitter enemy and opposite of Marxist who hate Capitalism and Free Enterprise and 'Freedom' generally. They are all about 'Control', central control and Government Dependency without which they have no excuse for their existence. If normal 'failures' within the Capitalist Model had not been stopped at taxpayer expense there would now be Trillions of $$ of 'dry powder' available to support a recovery and Trillions less of unpayable debt destroying the country and the taxpayers not to mention that all the corrupt financial institutions would now be toast with their deposits and legitimate assets now in the hands of those which were honest and competent and not participants in the Securities Scams. But no, saving the Governments corrupt 'partners' which are their financial supporters and 'Controllers' on Wall Street and within the Banks was what mattered to them, the future of the country be damned. The consequences are now visible world wide and their motivation to save their Fradulent Financial Playpen at the expense of all else is equally visible. Losing 'CONTROL' was never an option, INCREASING CONTROL the only option considered.
Now we wait together to see if the new Basel Three and Metals Backed Banking is real and will indeed overcome the corruption of the old.
Three separate instances of Obama trying to CONTROL who runs for Congress by offering Government jobs to his 'favorites' opponents to get them out of campaigns for office have now come to light. Where there is this much 'smoke' there is ???. FREE ELECTIONS not part of MARXIST IDEOLOGY. 'CONTROL' of who runs and who wins is Marxist Ideology. Politics as usual? Baloney. Corruption and law breaking as usual.
Employment/employees are being moved from the private sector to the 'public sector' where their salaries and benefits become an obligation of the Government, i.e. Taxpayers as the Government has no money except that which it takes from Taxpayers. This makes ever more people dependent upon Government for their survival which is Marxism/Communism. Simultaneously, laws passed at the Federal Level and made mandatory on the States, 'Healthcare' for example, mandates unaffordable/unpayable new expenses upon the States guaranteeing their Bankruptcy with the only alternative being a 'Federal' Bailout which transfers "CONTROL' of the States to the Federal Corporation which MANDATED the policies causing the States failure in order to gain further CONTROL of them. This is called Marxism/Communism and is occurring right now right before the eyes of a sleeping public half of which are giving up their country without a fight or even a whimper.
While in the Senate Obama was ranked as the NUMBER ONE 'Far Left' Senator in the Senate, no small feat in a body filled with far left liberals. Upon taking office he promptly surrounded himself with people (czars) to the left of himself including several avowed Communist. That we now have Marxism/Communism/Socialism being implemented nationwide as fast as possible on many fronts simultaneously should come as a surprise to no one. Who he is and what he believes and what he intended to do with America was not a big national secret, his beliefs and future policies were a matter of public record. Why do you think he was 'plucked' from obscurity? He represents the views of his employers who are 'converting' (changing) America from a Free Enterprise Capitalist 'Democratic' Nation into an 'also ran' arm of the Communist New World Order or as Obama prefers to call it PUBLICLY, "The New International Order" which is of course sufficient to confuse his 'kool-aid' drinkers.
The 'out of business' FED just loaned the ECB another 6.4B of 'thin air money'. Also $200M to The Bank of Japan. Very curious. That's not even a good 'cup of coffee' in Central Bank Dealings. Even so, if 'out of business' how do they continue to loan to other countries/central banks?
The U.N. 'Small Arms Treaty' continues through the pipeline with Obama and Hillary committed to support its ratification by the Senate. A trip around the Second Amendment. Gun laws from Australia to Washington D.C. prove disarming citizens increases crime and this is now well known. Veterans, Patriots and Citizens must be disarmed in order to fully CONTROL 'them', it has nothing to do with criminals or crime.
The "policies" making the coming CRASH inevitable were pre-planned and INTENTIONAL therefore the outcome can only be viewed as Intentional. Democrats implemented these policies almost 'single handedly'. Because almost all Republicans voted against these policies it is reasonable to say that had they won the presidential election the policies would have been different. Whether the outcome would have been different is another matter. Conservative Philosophy is virtually the opposite of Liberal/Obama Philosophy and promoting a Government takeover of the country would have been out of the question for Conservative Voters if not 'Conservative Politicians'. The Republican Political Party is no longer Conservative and is a 'weak tea' version of the Liberals/Democrats. Either historically 'Conservative' America will wake up and stand up or the country is permanently lost to the direction you are now witnessing. Those promoting/allowing this to happen deserve what they get but how about future generations?

Very 'disappointing' say commentators about today's 'jobs report'. More Government jobs (census workers), more Taxpayer Liabilities (in order to pay all those on Government Payrolls). This is what happens when Capital is withheld from Main Street where jobs are created in order to bail the Banks that created the crisis. Now the unfolding crisis will be 'compounded' and speeded up as the resulting debt creation and necessary debt 'service' will mean all available capital will go to the Government and its Bondholders not to job creating Main Street. Again, Marxist rather than 'Free Enterprise' policies are coming home to roost and will become ever more severe as the Bailouts continue and even increase (States, Union Pension Funds, etc.). Liberal Ideology which is a 'Political Philosophy' was allowed to 'over rule' the wisdom of the market place which is what built our country in the first place. The 'GLOBALIST New International Order' Crowd moved the jobs "offshore' and the promised replacement 'service economy' is now at the mercy of the Marxist Policies which are ANTI Free Enterprise Capitalism. As China and other 'Communist' countries began to adopt Capitalism and moved in the direction of that which built America, America itself moves in the direction of Communism because of the rise to power of a few radical COMMUNIST who are not working for America but for 'CONTROL' of America.
Obama, acting through A.G. Eric Holder, now moves to strip the States of their power to require that Employers not hire ILLEGAL aliens. I am NOT JOKING, the papers were filed in the Supreme Court this week. Another FED attempt to take over and cancel 'States Rights', another PUBLICLY DECLARED intention to not allow any interference with the tsunami of Incoming Illegals. Say bye sleepy heads to the Southwestern States and remember, Policies now viewed as specific to the Mexican Border will be NATIONAL POLICIES when implemented. Hello East Coast, your day is coming. Mexico/U.S./Canada, no Borders no Sovereignty.
Announcements just made by G-20 meeting in South Korea, "New Bank Capitalization Rules being put off for a year". Is this not Basel III? Is Basel III not at the heart of the new banking system? Are we not expecting a 'capitulation' to the new rather than a continuation of the old? No answers here, not yet.
casper 6-4-10 opinion

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