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Friday, June 4, 2010


from RMN
                                                         Posted By: ipia
                                                         Date: Friday, 4-Jun-2010 02:08:11
Recent developments in the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico demonstrates that BP continues to run the show while Obama pretends to be in charge. In particular last week while the Coast Guard idiots were announcing that the leak had been plugged and Obama was announcing the operation was pumping mud CNN revealed that the first round of pumping had actually stopped without success 16 hours earlier.
The embarrassing fact that the Obama dog and pony show was trying to spin and hide last Thursday (May 28) and Friday was that Obama directly obeys the Queen of England and British interests. BP is of course the Queen's company and Obama will insure that the profits of BP are not compromised in any way. Drudge reports that Obama spent only 3 hours on the coast Friday. In fact Obama has put the Coast Guard, NOAA, and any other relevant federal agency under the direct control of BP. This is one aspect of Obama's Katrina: even if he were competent enough to do something useful he would not because his first priority is to see that BP does not lose money. Everything must be sacrificed for that goal, and that fact becomes something of a blessing for America- his legislative agenda will be put at risk to hide the extent of the disaster until it is not longer deniable-probably when crude oil comes floating up the Potomac river.
One of the biggest lies that NOAA has been tasked with spreading is the leak, formerly described as 5,000 barrels per day, may be as large as 19,000 barrels per day, hiding the fact that the spill is more than ten times greater. Any scientist contradicting this lie will lose her job. The media still spreads this lie even though many experts have shown it to be ridiculously low.
The toxic dispersants are designed to sink and hide the oil rather than clean it up. There are dispersants that will attack the oil and speed biodegradation but these are not allowed to be used because they seem to work best applied to floating oil. Bacteria exist naturally in the Gulf that have the ability to "eat oil" in part because the Gulf has always leaked oil from natural seeps and strains of these can be used in bioremediation. Some of the bacteria are anaerobic and some are aerobic. Deep in the waters of the Gulf the aerobic strains use up the oxygen and kill all life. If they were working on the surface, then oxygen from the atmosphere could enter. In other words, not applying any dispersants would allow the Gulf to recover much more quickly; applying them hides the floating oil but prolongs the death of the Gulf. If the huge amount of oil would be seen and BP profits would suffer. Obama will never let BP profits suffer, no matter what he pretends to promise.
So most of the oil is there in the Gulf, it is still below the surface. One underwater plume is spreading in the direction of Alabama. There go the beaches of Alabama and Florida, do not waste your vacation money on a trip there.
Meanwhile Obama promotes the 3 stooges to manage the oil disaster: Steven Chu, Energy Secretary and Nobel prize winner et al. Clearly Chu has no oil field experience and is challenged to tell which end of the pipe the oil will flow from. Chu was chosen to be the Energy Secretary because he would spread the lie of global warming. This is what came into play during the Katrina disaster and clearly "Brownie (Chu) is doing a good job" just as he did when Katrina hit. Promoting men and women who have no relevant education, no expertise, no talent, and no common sense to powerful jobs is now the norm. Well, someone has said it better:
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity. (Yeats)

About now things should be falling apart and the center won't be holding.
A blessing in disguise.

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